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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 1:11 PM CST

Hey everyone,Tyler had to go to the ER yesterday.He went back to the doctor today.He has pneumonia.He has been to the doctor two weeks ago and hasn’t gotten well he is own five different medications.He doesn’t look so good still real pail.If he doesn’t get better soon he will have to be put in the hospital.Please pray that he will be ok.When you have a child that has had cancer every little thing scares you to death.He will be going to musc on the 19th To see what they are planing about his jaw.Every time we go we get told something different.I told then so on the phone the other day.He also has appointment on the 23rd at the children’s cancer treatment center in Charleston.We will have to make two trips cant afford to stay over night.The Ronald McDonald house is always full.gas is so high and food.I have a little money that some people off the web sent it will help out.Tyler funds from his church benefit sale is almost gone.His sale was almost a year ago .
Tyler and Jayden had a wonderful Christmas Tyler didn’t feel to much like playing.We thank each of you that sent gifts,cards and letters.He really loves the snail mail.Also thanks to Patsy friend for sending Tyler the blanket he loves it.and Debby “Flash” Stephenson Founder/Director Courageous Kidz for sending Tyler the intendo wii he loves it.Thank you to tylers school for the gifts to him and Jayden he loves the bike.I known I left some out please know that we appreciate you all.Thank all of you that have made deposits to Tyler pay pal acc.Hes a strong little boy and hes going to beat all this stuff.He only has one lung they took over haft the other one.The cancer was in Both lungs his jaw.He is in remission the cancer left so many compactions that he will be facing years of surgery and sickness,pain.Please keep praying for him pray that god will take this all away that Tyler wont have to suffer when he has his surgery and from getting so sick .

please pray for this little girl she is part of aprils family from rainbow kids .she needs prayers please pass her page to others ask for prayer

Stromming heaven with prayer for all the sick children

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