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fri , January 5 2007 9:59 AM CST

hey this is friday jan 5th .tyler is back at the doctor still sick ,will keep you all up dated just keep praying for him

wensday jan 3 2007
we have been back to the doctor this morning and tylers test was fine he wont have to go get scans right now
but he dose have pneumonia.A long with a viris.hes been a sick little boy ,she said because he dosnt have all his lungs its harder on tyler ;we will be going to charleston,musc on the 19th and 23rd as planed please just keep us in your prayers

Tuesday, January 2, 2007 9:59 AM CST
please pray for Tyler
Hey every one.Tyler went to the doctor this morning.He dose have pneumonia.A long with a viris.They were telling us that his counts are way to high.So they took a test that we wont know the results till tomorrow morning.she said we may have to take him back to musc hospital.please pray that he will be ok .please pray that the cancer is not back.Doctor Bloodworth said that we may have to go get scans .Said that she was worried about Tyler.Bless his little heart hes been through so much,I love him so much.I just wish i knew how to help.I have said it before i would cut my arms off to save Tyler if i new it would help.Please strom heaven for him and i will let you all know when i hear more.
praying for all the sick kids

Darlene Cox

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