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Hi every one
Just wanted to let you all know that Tyler still can not walk.He can hobble with the brace own.But it hurts him and he cry s.He is taking a lot of pain medication .There has got to be nerve damage or something they are not finding.Please keep praying for Tyler and our family.He still can not hear out of the ear own the side that they did his jaw replacement. His jaw is still hurting at times .
Tyler has been through so much .We are leaving Thursday to go back two the camper Tyler has a lot of app. we will be there at least two weeks before we can come home.Tyler is not in school and his teacher hasn’t came to the house yet poor little fellow I guess he will be so far behind .He really in joys the card he loves me to read them to him he loves getting mail it puts a smile own his face .
Thank all of you for your prayers,for all the phone calls .It means so much to know you care . Thanks For all that has been done to help us stay in Charleston with our special little boy.What a trooper he is .Please keep visting his page and signing the guest book it means so much to me .I count it as one more prayer sent up for tyty.
We have a long way to go .so I will just keep my faith.And trust in the lord.
The Dr said that tyty will never be perfect again .It just broke my heart.To me hes perfect .Hes my heart ,my angel .Ashley and Jayden and Nathan are all doing ok. GOD BLESS WE LOVE YOU ALL



aug 22-07
This is the update on Tyler that I sent to my groups. I hope that I got everything right as I am very forgetful. Please let me know if I made any mistakes or if I forgot anything.

Love you lots,
Prayers & Hugs,
Colette Bergsma

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From: Colette
Date: 22/08/2007 11:41:19 AM
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Hi Everybody,

I wanted to let you all know about what is happening with Tyler Tucker. I talked to Darlene this morning and she is so busy with his many doctor’s appointments that he doesn’t have time to update his CaringBridge site. She has asked me if I could let you all know what is happening. She has had no time to update, make phone calls, etc., because of all of the appointments and having to run back and forth from the hospital to home.

Yesterday, they found out that the reason that Tyler hasn’t been able to hear properly since his surgery is that he has a broken eardrum in one ear. Can you imagine? He has only had this problem since the surgery but they will not admit that the surgery caused the problem. He will now need more surgery so that they can try to correct this, but he may now need to wear a hearing aid for the rest of his life. He has to have another hearing test in 2-4 weeks to determine what his options are. They may have to put tubes in his ears.

He also was fitted for a special leg brace, as he was unable to walk. When they got it yesterday, he still couldn’t walk, and they found that there was a lump on the inside of it and that there were problems with it. They had to hurry and make him an emergency leg brace because they had to immediately return home for more appointments today. The second one seems to be working better and he is able to walk a little bit better.

Tyler also is wearing some type of mouthpiece and they are making him a custom wire brace for his mouth that they will have to permanently attach into his mouth. Tyler is housebound for at least a month for his schooling, as they are worried that someone could hurt him by being rough. You know how kids are!

This poor little guy and his family have gone through more than most adults could bear in a lifetime.

Darlene and Ashlie have asked me to ask everyone to please pray for Tyler and to sign Tyler’s guestbook as often as they can. They count every single guestbook entry as a prayer. Even though they are so involved with appointments and they haven’t had time to update the site, they ask that we please keep checking it and signing. Darlene is hoping to update it as soon as she can.

Please keep Tyler, Darlene and Ashlie in your prayers and sign his guestbook. They want to thank everyone who is praying for Tyler and they appreciate it very much.

God Bless them for their everlasting faith in Him and for all that they have been going through, and God Bless you all for your thoughts and your prayers for this wonderful family. May God wrap his loving arms around them to help them through this.

Have a glorious and Blessed day!

Prayers & Hugs,

aug 15th 07
Hi everyone .well we are looking for a tiring week coming up.
We will leave Greenville Sunday to return to the camper so Tyler can go to his doctors on Monday .He has three appointments on the 20th . Then two on the twenty first .One of these appointments is to see whey he can not hear out of one ear.Then we have to leave Charleston return to Greenville for a app With doctor Fogell on the 22nd .She will be making some kind of perment fixture to be implanted in Tyler’s mouth .I don’t know why they are having this made in Greenville. WE can not get them to do anything else in Greenville.Except that Dr Fogel will be helping doctor Davis and will be traveling to musc to help place this in TyTys mouth . Them we must leave Greenville return back to Charleston on the 26th
He has to have scans on the 27th .He has to be put to sleep for his it takes all day . Tyler will be having bone scans and mri .Then we will stay in Charleston till 31st when they will once again take Tyler and implant this `what ever it is into his mouth .Then we will leave Charleston go back home and stay till the 6th then we have to be back in Charleston for more appointments on the seventh
Through all this complaining I guess I need to stop and just thank God for all the miracles that he has given TyTy .Am one to tell you that prayer works .That your prayers has saved Tyler. God has heard all your prayers .God has been with us and will be .
Thank all of you the cards and money and gifts have all truly been a blessing .Thank God the campers in Charleston and for the kind people that has help pay for the space and for gro .It has made things so much better .
This is not the end our little Tyler he has a long way to go . He is doing good .Hes playing and smiling ..HES A TROOPER God is able .

We want to say a special thank you to Tyler’s and Jayden Grandma and Grandpa Tucker .They have been showing the boys a lot of love and attention and taking them to getti town .We want them to no that the boys love and appreciate them so much .

Pat Tyler watches the dvds every day

wed aug-8th 07
Hi Tyler is doing better .He is healing.Thank God and thank you all for the prayers ,
We had a lot of appointments but some were concealed. Tyler went to see doctor Oneal and doctor Gross , doctor Gross put a new cast own his leg and he has started walking .He was suspose to had scans and was to see his oncologist at cancer clinic but that was all canceled.They want to see him on the 20th 23rd.twenty seventh this month and on the seventh of sep.He has a lot coming up we are back at home a few days but our camper is still in Charleston .Because we still will be needing to stay there for a few weeks.Thank each of you we couldn’t have done it with out you all .Thank you. All so to agreat big thank you Steven for giving tyty his puppie. He really loves it and as you said it gives him a reason to stay strong. just remember that he is better.We thank God for that .We still have a ways to go so please keep praying.God hears those prayers . We will be heading back to Charleston before long so Tyler can keep all his DR oppointments .we can afford to drive up there for each appointments . We are conformable in the camper .I TURLEY KNOW GOD HAS WONDERFULL PLANS FOR OUR DEAR SWEET TYLER

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