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Sunday, September 2, 2007 3:01 PM CDT

Update from Jermey (Tyler’s uncle):

Well hello everyone!
Tyler is not in the best shape here lately he has not been able to walk at all when they removed his cast. The doctors have also found out that his ear drum has a hole in it, and he could possibley could lose all hearing from it, so he will have to have a operation on it. We are not quite sure how it happened if we find anything out I’ll post it.

Currently Sep,2 Tyler is in Charleston, SC getting checkups (seen 3 doctors already), and Dr Grose said that he expects Tyler in time should be able to walk again. He said that the pain will go away it will just be longer for Tyler because of all the chemo and radiation.
Johnie the therapist that comes to the camper said that she thinks Tyler legs needs to be scanned, and has called the doctor about it. I’ll provide a status update if he does get his leg scanned.

Tyler also Has to get a mouth piece so he can use his jaw properly (eating, and putting it in the right position to heal right), but it’s been rescheduled until he gets his ear operation. We will see doctor white on the eleventh to find out what he plans to do with the hole in Tyler’s ear drum and when that surgery will be. He also has goes for cancer scans on the the seventh, and has to be put to sleep which will take the entire day to do. The family will however get to come home before these surgeries.

Please pray for Tyler he still can not walk (it’s just too painful for him to walk), and he is having trouble hearing. Please pray that everything goes fine in Charleston, and Tyler is healthy as possible!

And I wanted to make a public statement to all the people that have left negtive comments or feel we are “fake scammers”.




For example this comment was left on one of Tyler’s blog post by

“Well he should be walking fine it’s his ribs that should hurt! You dummies they don’t use leg bones because think about it how in the hell would you bend a leg bone to fit a jaw??? Wake up folks this is not true no way. I have family that lives down where these people do and it’s all a big lie I have no clue as to why they’re lying to every one!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! This kid wouldn’t be able to walk ever again if they took a leg bone out!! Oh and another thing why don’t my posts get posted???? HUUUMMMMM Maybe because it’s all a lie and a scam???????? YOU THINK???????”

My response to this is we have nothing at all to hide. We have more then enough creditible sources, and doucments to be provided to prove our word.

1. He has had his LEG bone (fibula) removed to replace his jaw, his rib bones wouldn’t work for this as the doctors told us. It’s the fibula bone not his entire leg bone, so he can walk after a few months. It’s a bone in his leg not his entire leg bone.
These pictures say a thousand words. Looks to me like Tyler had his jaw worked on, and his leg need I say more?

2. The post don’t get posted cause people where leaving horrible comment images on his profile (comments on approval). We have nothing to hide, and that’s why I’m posting it in his blog.

3. Tyler is featured on many non-profit organizations, and even in his local news paper:

4. We are a verified non-profit org under the name Tyler Tucker Foundation at

I appologize for my rant everyone, but it hurts you to see such disrespectful things. I know you should expect things like this when it comes to the Internet though, And I do understand that people do use fake profiles (made up children) to scam people, but at least please do some research before you call us fake or say we are scamming people. This may not help, but I feel like this needs to be said.

I refuse to give up cause I know there is just as many people out there that truly do beleave, and care about Tyler!

7:58 PM CDT

Hello everyone
Well I finally got back own line at the camper .so I wanted to update page .
We are staying in the camper in Charleston .since Wednesday .Tyler has seen three doctors already.Dr Grose said that he thinks in time Tyler will walk .we ask for him to send tyty to another doctor or scan his leg he told Ashley he didn’t think it was necessary
He said that the pain will go away it will just be longer for Tyler because of all the chemo and radiation .he is seeing Johnie the therapist at the camper.she said she thinks Tyler needs scans of the leg done said she was calling the doctors.also doctor Davis said that she will wait to put the mouth pice she made for Tyler mouth till he has the ear operation.she will go in the operation room and place this in Tyler’s mouth to hold his jaw over and to help him with eating .we will see doctor white on the eleventh to find out what he plans to do with the hole in Tyler’s ear drum and when that surgery will be .he then goes for cancer scans on the the seventh he has to be put to sleep and this takes all day .please pray for Tyler he still can not walk and he can not hear well he is having a lot of pain in his leg. Our God is so good God is able to heal Tyler. We will be here thru the 12lth and then get to visit home before tytys next surgery .I want to say thank you all once again for your kindness for caring it means so much .
Your kindness will never be forgotteMay god send his blessing s to each one of you . This will be Tylers26th surgery. Please keep storming heaven for our little tropper

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