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Thursday, December 27, 2007 7:30 PM CST
Hello every one.
Sorry I couldn’t update sooner.I want to tell you that I think Christmas was one of the best that the kids have had since tyty got sick.I want to thank God for all the wonderful friends that not only care about Tyler but care about our family.You all have been with us for four years.what a blessing.That you all care about what has happen in our lifes.I want to thank each of you.Your kindness will never be forgotten.First sending prayers. Please keep praying for Tyler he has a life time of doctors and hospitals to look forward to.The cards,Tyler really in joys the cards it puts a smile own his face. There was all kinds of gifts anough that made it a wonderful day.I remined the whole family of the meaning of christmas and that it was jesus birthday.I want try to mention all by name sent things from games to cars to ride own toys for the babies.Gift cert for Tyler and transformers ,a coat for Tyler and pjs for all three kids.There were pants and shirts for all the kids.I known I haven’t gotten it all down ,There were blankets for all three boys I know each stitch was stitched with love.There was just so much stuff.It all came in plenty of time for Christmas.The boys had a ball opening every thing
The cancer society even gave Tyler’s name to some one and they also got for the kids.Happy days sent gifts.Johnson and Johnson of Charleston sent money for gas and Christmas.Tyler deserves all the happy ness that he can get hes sure suffered anough.We went in the kids room and went through there toys and put then own the curb.Hoping that some one in need would stop and get them.I will add some new pictures soon.I want to try re do Tyler’s page soon.Please know that we love each of you sooo much
Tyler will have app again in Charleston in January .
He will have to have his legs and his face looked at.His face really starting to look bad.He is doing good right now.It feels so good to be able to tell you all that.Tyler is not taken a lot of medications.He takes pain meds once in a while instead of every day.Thank god hes not hurting like he was.Once again thank you so much we couldn’t have given the kids a good Christmas if you all hadn’t cared about us.Disability only goes so far.
Pays the bills but little left for other things

SATURDAY 17TH, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
Hey everyone
First I need to tell you that Tyler is sick again .He has a bad cold . with part of his lung gone its hard on him he has a lot of trouble breathing.He went to the doctor today.was feeling a little better tonight.Also he tried to walk with out his brace and fell and cut his nee .It bleed a good bit but he is ok .The doctors seem to think that Tyler is scared to walk because of all that has been done to him twenty six surgeries and seven year old is more than most people ever have .
what a trooper
I also want to tell you we found someone to pull the camper home .
Thank God
And my brother in law and his son are working own the truck .They said it may be a seal gone out of the transmission.Any ways we are home and we are all safe .And we thank God each day for all that has been done to help Tyler and his family .I can tell you prayer works . please keep praying Tyler will have more surgeries all through life .prayer is the best thing any one can give. I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving .I know that our family has so much to be thank full for.God has let us no the real meaning of thanks giving .Hes let our little tyty stay here on earth with us .Oh how I know he has such great plans for this child . I hope each of you know God .
Thank you all that are helping with Christmas .Because you care Tyler jayden and Nathan will have a good Christmas. Thank you .Thank you .May God bless each of you


I just got back a few mins ago from Charleston had a allfull trip went to pull camper home and the transmission went out own the truck.Had to get a wrecker to pull truck home . Cost four hundred dollars .A sweet lady from helped get the truck home .Campers sitting in Columbia .Don’t known how in the world am going to get it home .
I had to sit from two today till seven with my 8 month old on the side of the road .GOSH what a day .FLASH told me not to worry it would all work out.This couldn’t have happen at a worst time with Thanks Giving Christmas right around the coner and taxes will be here soon .Seems like theres just one thing after another.
All of you just say a prayer for me.
Any ways its not the end of the world ive had a whole lot worst happen.Only god knows why .Please keep praying for tyty
Your prayers are being answered Tylers not having a lot of pain
hes playing like a little boy should be.

MONDAY 6TH, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
Hello every one
Tyler is doing ok .We have to go back to Charleston next Sunday we will be there a few days lots of doctor app.Tyler still can not walk with out his brace.He craws or hops .Hes having some pain but nothing like what he was having .I wish they could get his leg fixed .I hope he will not be cripple all his life .we still can not get him to eat but just a few different things .We were having trouble with teacher not wanting to fix his food said she didn’t have time . That got all straighten out .A wonderful social worker Mrs Myers is helping with Tyler and his lunch .Thank you so much Mrs Myers.
His little neck still has the bone sticking out one side.It still doesn’t look to good to me .His little face doesn’t look any better than it did before he had the jaw replacement in June. The kids at school ask a lot of questions.Tyler said one was pointing at him .Kids can be curl. I sure hope he wont be picked own.I have prayed about this and ask God to not let Tyler suffer.Hes a strong little boy and I no God puts no more own you than you can stand . I have really wondered since I have Nathan .At my age its really hard own me . I will trust in God to guide me and know that as long as I keep my faith God is with us .
Tyler is wanting a couple of xbox360 games or Christmas .He want’s one called halo3 for X box 360. HaLo 3i dont know what it is rated will check it out..He may have to choose a driffrent game.
al so want’s Spiderman friend and foe .Also a x box 360 .These are like sixty five dollars each and jayden wont’s a baby bike . Ride own toy .unless I can find help Tyler cant get these games .IAM HOPING THAT SOME ONE WILL WaNT TO BUY THESE FOR TYLER .He surly DESERVES TO HAVE THEM .we just can not afford them . Nathan am not worried about hes only eight months old he wont need much .
Please keep praying for Tyler and our family .Hes still is not well.Tyler still has a life time of operations and doctors.That’s all he has know in his short seven years .Please sign his just Guest book

THURSDAY, October 18, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
Hey every one.well tyty s doing good he has been to school three days.
Now they are out Fri and Monday teacher work days.
Hes having some pain but nothing like what he was having.So that’s good news.
Tyler still can not walk with out the clam cast .But I guess we need to thank God he can walk with it .The doctors haven’t called about his leg.Or his jaw.The bone is still sticking out the side of his jaw.looks better than it did but still gross.but hes still the cutest boy I ever saw with those great big eyes and that twisted little smile . Hes a sweet heart.I thank God each day that I have Tyler in my life.Hes now had twenty six surgeries.what a trooper he is .Gods got big plans for Tyler.
I keep my faith and God sees our needs and our prayers are answered .
Its been almost four long hard years.Tyler is in remission but the after math of all the cancer has crippled him .He has a lot of breathing trouble because the cancer was in his lungs and he lost part of one lung.The chemo saved one lung .Tyler has had to have two jaw replacements where they took his fibula bone from both legs and placed in his jaw,first operation the bone died .He was in surgery 18 hrs.Then the next jaw replacement he was in surgery 12 hrs.We have spent many long nights at musc hospital praying that our little boy would be with us the next day.we have driven many long trips to Charleston for treatment for tyty .even staying in a camper 15 months so we could be with Tyler.while Tyler was in the hospital there were eleven children that was so hard to be there and know this.some we had gotten to know like fifteen year old Ashley Everman .I will never forget her and her mom .they brought thanksgiving dinner to us in the camper and she died right before Christmas .
Iam telling you all this because I truly belive that yours and my prayers saved Tyler God heard those prayers .And is hearing them still .
God has been with us all the way he wont for sake us please just keep praying for Tyler hes come a long way but its not over yet.please sign his guest book we count it as a prayer for Tyler please know that you all are so much appreciated and loved.that all your kindness will never be forgotten
I hug Tyler Jayden and Nathan every day and tell them I love them .you never know what tomorrow could bring.

Thank you all for all the cards and the twenty five dollars that was in them .Tyler recived a bunch of cards and was so happy looking at all of them .The snail mail makes him smile.

WENSDAY, October 10, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
Hi everyone I apologize that I haven’t updated sooner. Tyler had a wonderful birthday.He played games .Road rides . Ate birthday cake. And pizza .He sure was a happy little boy
Thank you all for all the birthday wishes and cards.this sure was a special party for a special little boy .Steven you said to make it a good one and we did .

Well heres the news about Tyler
Our plans have all been changed again .it wont be necessary for us to go to Charleston this week .appointments have changed again now Tyler is going to be seeing a doctor here in Greenville Dr Fogel she is making the peace that is to be implanted in to Tyler’s mouth. She will have to put him to sleep to make this Fit his mouth..Then own Nov 12th he will travel to musc hospital to have it implanted by Dr bBesty Davis and Dr Fogel on the 13th.We don’t know if it will be a one day or how long .
Tyler’s little face is still looking pretty bad .The bone still sticking out own one side.They are hoping that this in his mouth will help some with his eating and looks. Things are starting to look up Tyler is feeling better.but he still can not walk with out the clam cast own his leg .The Drs don’t know why he can not walk .said they don’t understand .They wont to give him a while to see if he will start walking .I pray that he will start walking soon .
Hes so skinny I wish he could gain a little weight .we have really had a hard year.if we get through Christmas .I just know next years going to be a lot better for Tyler and our family .I have put it all in Gods hands and kelp my faith .God hasn’t let me down.God has answered so many prayers for our family .
We love you all .please keep praying for tyty and our family .its not over yet but Tyler has come a long way .please sign his guest book it only takes a sec .we count it as another prayer for Tyler.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
OPPS- I for got to thank
Ron and Rosiland are kind sweet caring people.They also donated money for us to get buy and pay camper space. we were out of money and they helped us. Then took us to checky cheese.Gave tyler a lot of clothing so he can wear to school .thank you thank you and we love you
Hello everyone
We are back in Greenville .we will be going back to Charleston again on the 10th .11th and 12th for Tyler’s doctor appointments. He seen Dr white on Monday and he said that he thinks he should wait till may to do the operation on Tyler’s ear.He said that Tyler’s jaw isn’t well and he thinks it will only make things worst.he said that because of the chemo and radiation it was going to take Tyler a long time to heal .his little neck still has the bone sticking out and he still hasn’t gotten in school yet.he also got the clam shell cast on his leg .He still can not walk with the cast off but seems to be doing well with it own .Hes still having some pain but that also is a lot better.we Sure wont to thank god that Tyler is doing better . All these trips and food really cost a lot round trip its eight hrs.thank each of you that have help us .we love you all .Tyler will be having his birthday party thanks to a kind man named Steven .He
A wonderful caring person . God sent I know .
I also wont to say a special thank you to all the people of Hollywood and lake air camp ground .they have showed us how much they care .Terry your meals are wonderful. Cindy thank you and everyone that helped you Tyler .jayden/Nathan love all the toys . we sure needed the donations for food and gas .you all have been wonderfull.Amber and Chris thank you and your mother and fathering law. If not for your kindness we wouldn’t be at lake air .then there were a couple of people from a church that donated money .please know how much it was appreciated. The money was used to buy gro and gas.I think god sent each of you.
If I missed any one please know that we appreciate and love you all so much .its not over yet but tyty has come a long way. A six year old having twenty six surgeries .wow what a trooper;
Pat thank you for coping all those movies for tyty he loves them.
Flash thank you so much for all you have done to help us.and to get help for our family. I don’t known what I would do with out you .I love you .
Shannon my dear friend I wont to thank you and your mom for the trip to chuckey cheese and the little party you gave tyty . For all the baby sitting you have done with Nathan thank you for loving our babies .for being there for me .your always a phone call away .
Tyler still would love birthday cards so if you have one lying around maybe you could send it to him

Please sign tytys guest book we count each time as a prayer for tyty and our family


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