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Hi Everyone,

Well the bone in Tyler’s jaw has died. We are all the way back to where he was before the surgery. The doctors don’t know what to do for him. We are going to get a letter saying they don’t know how to help Tyler and try to find him someone that can. His little jaw on one side looks like a two year old’s jaw; starting to look really bad. But he will always be beautiful in my eyes.

We need a Miracle for Tyler. This means he went through both jaw replacements and the fibia being taken from his legs for nothing. Everything they tried has failed. I think that the doctors really were trying to help Tyler but he was mutilated. His neck and legs looking really bad; scars all over his body. It’s all in God’s hands. Please keep praying for TyTy.

We head back to MUSC Hospital to see Dr. White Friday. If there’s a doctor out there in web land that thinks he can help Tyler, please let us hear from you! Please sign Tyler’s web page. Let us know you are still here with us:

Tylers Granny Martha passed away on the 18th. We are having the viewing at our church, New Life Baptist, tonight at six. She was loved and will really be missed. It’s not really Tyler’s grandma. They just called her that. She’s been my best friend for 34 years.

Hi everyone,

Well things here have been rough. Not with Tyler, just other things happening. My best friend for 34 years is in the hospital and the doctors say she won’t be coming home. She’s on life support and needs a miracle. I am really hurting. I know she will be in a better place. She just turned 60. Please say a prayer for her. Her name is Martha.

Tyler wanted to know why they have taken his granny Martha and why they were putting a tube in her mouth. We told him she couldn’t breath well and that was why they were putting a tube in her. He looked at me and said, “Nanny, if she goes to heaven, you know she will have wings, don’t you? Don’t worry.” Then he thought a minute and said, “Nanny, just go bring her home. I had a tube and you brought me home.” He thinks she has a tracheotomy like he had.

As far as the rest of us, we’re okay. Tyler’s bone in his jaw is dying fast. The side of his face looks like it shrunk back to the size of a two-year-old again. Tyler’s jaw has been hurting. They say there’s nothing left; that they don’t know how to fix it . Yes we have asked about plastic or some thing that would work other than his body parts. I even wanted to give him parts from me. They say it will not work.

Tyler’s face is starting to look bad again on that side, and it hurts. The last two surgeries have failed. I have tried to contact the doctors in Florida, but haven’t heard back from them yet. Also Tyler’s little mouth hurts when he tries to eat.

We have gotten him to start eating a few more things. He decided that he likes spaghetti. He also tried corn, but he only will eat it on the cob. With only about five or six teeth, that’s hard for him to do. But he tries. Then he cries because his mouth hurts. Tyler still cries with his legs hurting and even falls because they are weak. Please keep praying for Tyler and us.

I want to thank Steven for replacing Tyler’s X-box 360. He was lost with out that. Steven, Tyler loves you so much. Thanks to all of you. Please keep praying for TyTY and our family.

Hello Everyone,

We made the long trip to Charleston to see Dr. White. Well guess what, he wasn’t there and no one even called, so they gave us a new appointment for July 28th. So there is no news, other than Tyler’s jaw is hurting. So is his leg. All we can do is put it in God’s hands. We love you all and appreciate you so much. Please keep those prayers, storming heaven for our Tyler.

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