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We have the date that Tyler will get his new jaw. It is June 16th and he has to be at the hospital in Maryland at five that morning, surgery at seven. If everything goes well, we should be there a couple of weeks. I have prayed so long and hard for Tyler to get help and I believe that God has answered my prayers. I just know that God has sent the’se doctors.

Tyler is home from MUSC Hospital but isn’t doing to well he’s crying with both his legs and jaw hurting. He’s on a lot of pain medication and it makes him really hyper. Tyler has to go back to Charleston MUSC on Thursday. The screws are loose in Tyler’s legs, making both his leg and hip hurt. Tyler will see Dr. Gross.

I am sending a special thank you out to all of you you have been wonderful. Please keep praying for Tyler and our family. We need those prayers I know God hears all the prayers, and the snail mail Tyler receives makes him smile. Thank each of you for that also.

Also, a few people sent mean comments, and said that we shouldn’t take the whole family. We don’t have any one trust worthy to watch the babies and my husband had a strokaye. He’s fine but doesn’t need to be left with a two year old for two weeks. The babies eat free and if we have to stay in a motel, there are two beds, same price. It takes just as much gas for the car if theres one or five in it. I talked to the hospital and they said that the child that is having surgery does better if the family’s there. So please, no mean comments. I can’t handle it right now. I also know that if you were in my shoes you would do the same thing.

I will get Tyler to have this surgery if I have to sleep in the car with the kids. For all the people that love and care so much for Tyler, we are grateful. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Tyler wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your prayers. God bless each of you and we love you all.



Tyler’s Grandmother asked me to update Tyler’s page for them tonight. Tyler will be admitted to MUSC tomorrow, no beds are available tonight. The Doctor’s said he will have to have scans and bloodwork and antibiotics for the infection in his jaw. Tyler will not be able to eat on the way to the hospital tomorrow incase he needs to have surgery. Please pray that his cancer isn’t back and that he will be okayay.


Good news!

Dr. Rodriquez from Johns Hopkins Hospital called this morning. Tyler’s new Titanium Jaw has been ordered and they are waiting on a date for Tyler’s surgery that was already being set up. Dr. Rodriquez said that this will help Tyler with pain and with his lookays. Thank God, your and my prayers are being answered.

We took Tyler to the dentist here yesterday because he was really hurting in his mouth. Dr. Fogel was saying that she thought he may need exploratory surgery on his face because she didn’t know what to do for him. Dr. Rodriquez said no, unless it was an emergency and had to be done. Anyway, he will be getting his new jaw. Please keep praying.

This will be a long surgery and your prayers are needed. We go to MUSC in Charleston on the 2nd of April to get x-rays of Tyler’s legs. Shriners Hospital had said that the screws were loose in both his legs and now MUSC doctors think the screws have slipped, causing pain in his hip and both legs. We love you all. Thank you all so much.


Still no word from Dr. Rodriquez at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I will call them this Friday if I haven’t heard anything. I don’t understand why they haven’t contacted us. Dr. Rodriquez told us that they are going to do Tyler’s surgery. His jaw is lookaying worse and is hurting on both sides. He’s also having a lot of pain in both his legs and hip. We are contacting MUSC and going to take him to a new doctor there that is taking doctor Gross’s place. Dr. Gross is out because he had to have surgery.

Well for the bright side of things, Tyler is still in school every day and all day. He likes school and has learned a lot. He’s really a smart little boy. We spent last Saturday at a car show so we could help raise money for Courageous Kidz -A Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer….giving the Magic of Hope! We all had a great time.

Also there’s a lady that sends movies to Tyler. Tyler and I thank her so much. She’s been a true friend. We love you all and we still need all the prayers that Tyler can get. God hears those prayers. God bless each of you and if you have a few seconds, we love to read the guest bookay, so leave us a message. It means a lot to know you care so much.

Hi, everyone. We still haven’t heard from John Hopkins about Tyler’s surgery. The doctor has been out of town and didn’t get back the 7th. Maybe we will hear something soon.

Tyler is in school every day and loves it. He had a nose bleed today and they had to call. We always tell the school nurse to give him his medication when his legs or jaw are hurting and to keep him in school if possible, so now he’s staying all day. He is learning fast and is really smart. I want to thank you all for your love and support you all have been just great and Tyler loves the mail Tyler and I love you all. Please keep Tyler in your prayers. I want to thank some special people in Tyler’s life. You all ARE JUST awesome. Ill just use first names:


May god bless you; He’s all ready given you hearts of gold. Your kindness will never be forgotten. I wish I new the right way to say thank you. All I can do is tell you this is coming from the botton of my heart.
Hello everyone, Tyler is doing okay. He started back to school just a few hours and the home bound teacher is coming on Saturday now. He loves his teacher and the social worker, Mrs. Myers. She fixes his food and he knows he can go to her if he needs anything and she will help him. The nurse at school calls and says shes having to give Tyler his pain medication. His legs and jaw hurt him.

We still haven’t heard from John Hopkins Hospital. I know it must take a long time to get things arranged for surgery like Tyler needs for his jaw. I am also a little worried about his chest because it sinks into his back. Please pray about all this. God hears our prayers.

Tyler is getting to be a big boy and he’s still a sweet heart. We are going to move into Grandpa Cox’s house. Its going to be a little while. They were pack rats and boy what a bunch of stuff in the house and then it needs paint and some repairs. So we will move in a couple of months. Tyler says I am not going without him, no way. Hes says, “Nanny, if you’re going to live in the woods, then I am too.”

Tyler’s little NEW brother is doing great and is now seven pounds. Jayden is doing really good also and Nathan couldn’t be any sweeter. Ashley says no more babies! Gosh, we sure can not afford any more. Ethan is here and we will love him and take care of him. Ethan looks just like Ty-Ty.

Tyler still loves getting all the snail mail and we thank each of you for sending it to him. If you are reading Tyler’s page please take a minute and sign his guest book. It means a lot to us. We count each one as another prayer for Tyler. I always think of how many other children that are in worse shape than Tyler and how brave they all are. I pray each day for all of them and their families, and I thank god each day for my Ty-Ty. I love him so much!

There’s going to be a life time of doctors, hospitals and needles for Tyler. I promised Tyler that I would be with him and do all I can for him always. God bless each of you and we love you all so much.

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