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Things here are okay. We are getting ready to take Tyler for his jaw replacement in Maryland. He only has two weeks until it is time to go and we still don’t have a place to stay there. I have called the children’s house but they still don’t think they have a place. It will be okay. Tyler’s going even if we have to stay in the van. I pray that Tyler will be okay and that we won’t have to stay too long away from home. This is going to be between a 15-18 hour surgery and we will be there a while I am sure.

Being there with Tyler is the most important thing to me right now. We don’t have but a few dollars to take with us but God will provide. He always has. Please pray for Tyler and our family.


We took Tyler to a car show to raise money for Courageous Kidz-A Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer. He did great. They auctioned off a small four-wheeler and then it was given back and auctioned off again! Well, a lady got it and she said she wanted Tyler to have it. He finally felt like riding it and was on it all day yesterday. He was having a day of fun!

I thank God that we got to see him play and have fun before his surgery.

No matter if the world is coming to an end, if the President is Black or White, Blue or Red, if the economy is good or bad…. Those kids STILL have to undergo chemo, radiation, doctor’s appointments, throw up, have a fever, miss school, etc… here’s a poem that was in tylers journal”

“I watch you playing,
Without a care.
It’s hard to believe
The cancer is there.

You look so bright,
So happy and well.
If someone new met you
They couldn’t tell.

Your strength is amazing,
Your courage so strong.
You’ve fought this disease
So well for so long.

It’s from your strength,
that I draw mine.
I know you will come through this,
It’ll just take time.
Carry on smiling,
I will too.
Through the hard times
I’ll carry you.

You are my world,
The air that I breathe,
I know in my heart
You’ll never leave.

Keep strong my love,
The battle has begun,
But with your strength,
It will be won.”

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