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Greenville 8-year-old faces crucial surgery for cancer

Here is a copy of the original article from the paper.

Tyler and mom, Ashley

Tyler and mom, Ashley


We went on a trip to Charleston to Kids cancer kids reunion and it was wonderful. I have never seen so much food and things to do.They had a huge blow up water slide and Tyler played on it all day. He also rode on an air boat with his therapist that flew in from New Jersey just to spend the day with him. Thank you Joe. You made the day special for TyTy. He played like I have never seen him play before. He wore himself out and had to take pain medication for his legs. He was asleep through the big wonderful supper that was at Flash’s house. It was great to see all the wonderful families and kids that were there having so much fun. It was a wonderful time and so good to see Tyler play with the other kids.

When we got home Sunday night, Tyler’s papers was here to go in to the hospital in Maryland on August 10th for his jaw surgery. I pray that this surgery is going to fix Tyler’s jaw. Please keep praying for him. It’s only two weeks away now. Everything is aproved. All we need now is a complete check up. That has to be done before surgery. All the doctors here ere saying they have no appointments open untill september, but I have one that has promised to do it on her dinner hour. She told me not to worry, she would get it taken care of. I sure hope she keeps her word to us.

I will keep my faith and trust in the Lord. I’m going to carry Tyler’s Bible with us to the hospital. Well, I am going to Tylers doctor here in Greenville this morning to get papers filled out and to get things set up, then off to get x-rays for myself at the hospital. There’s one thing that we can use and is very important to our family and that is your prayers. Prayer works and God will hear those prayers.

God bless we love you all.



Hi Everyone,

Well, we got a call from Dr. Rodriguez’s office today to confirm that Tyler’s surgery is set up for August 10th.


I am a little worried about him, but I know God will be with us all the way. Tyler’s new jaw is waiting for him. We have to be there at six in the morning. We will leave home a little early, just encase we need a little extra time. It’s a long way to Maryland from Greenville. I still have all the money that was donated for Tyler’s trip. Thank you all that helped. Also thank God that all this is arranged.

Now we need to keep storming heaven for TyTy. We don’t know how long we will be there, so please keep our family in your prayers. It will be a while I’m sure. As soon as I find out, I will let you all know what room Tyler will be in.

I have a message for a lady named Lia that put a message on Tyler’s Please don’t sign on TyTy’s page if you have to say things like we should let him go to his maker and make statements about his donations. We don’t want or need to hear that crap. You must not have a heart at all to say such a thing. I know if God can forgive you we can too,and as far as donations Tyler hasn’t got a lot of money. But with Gods help we will make it, and it didn’t come from you. The people that have donated to Tyler really love him and are praying for him to get better.


Hello, Great news! Tyler will be getting his new jaw.

Medicade has approved everything and he will have surgery August 10th at 6 in the morning. He will be at the University of Maryland. Dr. Rodriquez will still do the surgery. We were told it would be 16 to 19 hours.

So please keep storming heaven for our sweet little Tyler. He’s all ready to get it done. Keep our family in your prayers. Maryland is a long way from home, but we are all set to go.Tyler told me he’s not scared and that I had to be strong. I could hardly believe he was telling me I have to be strong.

I want to thank each one of you for all your love prayers, and support. You have been wonderful. Thank God that there are so many people that love Tyler. Nanny wants to thank Uncle Jermey for all he tries to do to help. We love you Jermey.

Also Tyler has a teacher that comes out 4 hours a day. He is doing really well learning, and he read a small book to me today! I was so proud of him. He’s such a loving child. As you all know he’s my heart, my life.

If anyone else has the same feeling that is our answer. Everyone is entitled to your beliefs, but if it’s hurtful the best thing you can do is hold it in. Our family has been through more then enough so please respect that. Please pray for Lia I don’t agree with her statements, but I wish her well.

From :

um have you guys even considered St Judes? Do they not help with these matters? And if you were leaving this in GODS hands, then why are you on here begging for money? I know SOOOOO many other children who have way more serious forms of cancer that do not go through the internet to try and get people to pay for your expenses. If you really are leaving this matter into gods hands, then why are you constantly putting that child through so many painful methods that are not obviously working? If it was meant to be, then one of the forst 32 surgeries would have worked.. Mybe it is time for you to let him go in peace and go with his maker.

My response:

St. judes wouldn’t take Tyler cause most of the work being done for Tyler at MUSC. We are not begging for money if people choose to donate that’s their choice. What would you do sit around and watch your child die cause you can’t get him what he needs? Other people may have other options or connections to do local fundraisers. Sadly we don’t have those connections we need. Your statement is incorrect as well we keep connections with many of the sick children online, and others need help as well. We hardly ever get donations as it is, but we do the right thing with every cent, and we thank god for what we do get. Donations are not the the reason why we made him a website. God can’t do everything that’s why he made us. We have to make choices, and learn from right from wrong. God didn’t want Tyler to die so we took him somewhere that God gave another human the power to help him. The same goes for online we build support, and prayers each day for Tyler.

Would you want to watch your love one die, and know in your heart you didn’t do anything to try to help him? Honestly your ideas on the whole thing are very stubborn, and ignorant. Tyler is alive, and a happy boy that’s all that matters to us.

I’ll pray for you cause I think you need god more then we do right now. God can’t answer every prayer alone that’s why he created us to do some of those prayers for him, and help each other. I know God doesn’t want you to judge someone else maybe you would have a better understanding if you walked in our shoes for a day. I’m not going to do that to you I don’t agree with you, but I forgive you and I’ll pray for you.

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