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Hey everyone.

A lady by the name of Leeann and the owner of the Little Rebel did a cruise-in for Tyler and raised $550 dollars for his trip to Maryland to have his surgery. It only went on for three hours. It got too cold so she’s doing another one May 15th to help out with our trip. This lady is an angel God sent and we thank her and Helen, owner of the Little Rebel so much. This will surely take away some of the worry. God bless you Leeann and Helen. We just can not thank you enough. Your kindness and knowing you care means so much.

Tyler was a little shy. He told me he’s embarrassed when people look at him. He’s my heart and he’s beautiful in my eyes. Take a look at the photos. They even had trophies with Tyler’s name, saying in honor of Tyler Tucker. Thank all of you for your love and support. We love you all and if any one wants to help Tyler use my paypal or donate to any SC bank by giving the name Tyler tucker from Greenville, SC. We love you all and please remember to sign the guest book and thanks for the snail mail. Tyler still loves it. Even though I cant answer every one, We thank you.

We are holding the benefit for Tyler Tucker on 3/27/2010 5-9pm @
Lil Rebel Family Restaurant
2608 Locust Hill Rd
Taylors, SC

Deails: Cruse-in Open to all makes and models Cars- trucks- motorcycles.
Door prize drawings
No registration fees.
50/50 Drawings
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies
Music & fun for all!

Please come out and show your support for a great cause! Tyler & family will be making a trip to Maryland to have another surgery preformed (his 39th!) in June, as doctors in South Carolina can’t perform what he requires. Tyler has been battling the affect of cancer since the age of two when it was discovered by falling on a toy which required x-rays (visit for his story). This little guy is a real hero please share this on your myspace, facebook, and twitter help spread the message even if you can’t attend it helps! All proceeds to benefit Tyler.


Hello everyone,

Tyler is still doing well. He will go back to Maryland on June fourteenth for jaw surgery at seven thirty in the morning. They will be taking the packing from the jaw and removing the skin graft. Dr Rodriguez said it wouldn’t be as bad as the last surgery. They will still be cutting him once again from ear to ear. My poor little boy. I hate so much for him to go through this again, but it has to be done. The cancer, even though it’s in remission right now, really messed his little body up…caused so much damage.

Tyler will be going through this all his life. He’s such a trooper. I told him his surgery was June he said, “OK, Nanny.” Can we make mommy fly this time?

We will try to get money to fly. That’s what Tyler wants to do. Its so much easier on him that way. We will need five tickets. Will call the angel plane, but since Ashley’s going, I don’t think they will do it because of my weight. Yes, I’m fat and can’t help it. That’s not healthy.

I will call the Ronald MC Donald house and let them know we are coming June 13th, but they want let you know till the day of arrival if you will be able to stay there. That’s also stressful.


If any one wants to help our family with expenses for the trip you can donate to any south Carolina bank by giving Tyler’s name and that he lives in Greenville SC or using my email for PayPal.

A place here called the Little Rebel, and a lady name Leeann and Helen found Tyler on the web and they’re going to do a Cruise-in this Saturday to help with financing the trip. She said it may not bring in much but every little bit will help, so please pray about all this.

Please pray for Tyler and our family this is so hard on the whole family we love Tyler sooo much!!!
We love you all and thank you for all…and thank you for your love and support. If any one has any ideas for fund raisers please let us know.

Also Courageous Kids still needs help. They do so much for kids with cancer.

Please sign the guest book. Each time is another prayer for Tyty. Don’t forget to tell your children each day that you love them.


Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610


We took Tyler to Gean Gores car show to help raise money for Courageous Kidz, a community that strives to be a Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer. This organization has helped us with Tyler so many times. It was wonderful and we got to go to the Beckon for supper. The food was great. Tyler got tired and lay in his wagon and went to sleep for a couple of hours. He gets tired easy. He is still pain free, thank you Jesus. Flash, Debbie made me feel so good when she stood in front of everyone there and said that Tyler is her hero.

Tyler will have surgery in June on his jaw again. This will be number 39 or 40…I have lost count. So please keep him and our family in your prayers. Surgery will be back in Maryland. Dr. Rodriguez called and said he’s setting it up and will contact us with the date.

Thank you Flash for all the wonderful things you do to help these kids. You are a special lady and we love you so much.

Nathan had his 3rd birthday Sunday. Can you believe he’s three already?

Jayden was also good at the car show. Ethan stayed home with mom Ashley.

I want to share this also with you. While in line waiting to get our food this young lady ran up through the line and stopped at Tyler. She looked at Tyler and said, “I saw you walking across the parking lot and I don’t know what made me do this but something said that I must go to you and give you this.” She said it was her last five dollars and she wanted Tyler to have it. She said she didn’t know Tyler or anything about Courageous Kidz. She then hugged Tyty and walked away. I think God sent her to Tyty to let me know not to worry.

God works in so many different ways.


I love my boys with all my heart. It is so hard on the brothers and sisters and in our case, cousin Nathan,
when a child has cancer. They miss birthday parties and don’t get to do things other kids do because there’s just not enough income to care for the sick child. Jayden will be 5 in June. He’s only had one party because his brother has been in the hospital on his birthdays, having surgery. We’re expecting this again this year too. These siblings have a hard time coping.

Even though Tyler is in remission he has so much damage to his little body that the caner has done and he is seeing doctors, in and out of hospitals. His little body is sooo scarred. He will have to go through this the rest of his life, though I’m praying not as often. The last seven years he has been to h—— and back.
Pray, pray, pray for my boy.


one more thing…do you know that Tyler will probably not ever have kids and that he can not play foot ball or any sport for fear of his bones braking, or jump on a trampoline or wrestle with his brothers. There is just so much he won’t be able to do, but we thank God for all the things he can do, like eating right now, and that he is still with us. So we have so much to be greatful for.

We love you all so much and appreciate you.
Tyler still loves his snail mail. It makes him smile.

Hi. Couldn’t sleep so I thought I would up date Tyler’s page. He’s one amazing little boy. Still doing really good; loves chicken wings from Walmart! Don’t know how he eats them with no teeth, but he does. Tyler has gone from just about not eating to eating chicken, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, pizza and bacon sandwiches. He likes broccoli, but uncle Jeremy made him eat a lunch meat sandwich. That didn’t go over to good, but he did eat it.

Tyler is still seeing the doctors here in Greenville. They are amazed with his progress. What a trooper. Tyler is still doing really well with schooling. The home bound teacher loves him and does such a good job. Thank God for being with us through thirty nine surgeries! Tyler still has more surgery and I hate having to call the doctors and set things up again, but it must be done. These operations are horrible. You sit there wondering if your baby will come back home with you.

I want to share something with you all.

Tyler told me that in his last surgery he thinks he left his body. He said he seen a light and was going toward it. He said he saw his mama and me crying and he was trying to talk to us to let us know he was OK, but said we couldn’t hear him. He said he floated all over the room and the light was getting brighter. He said he got almost at the light and looked back at his mom and decided that he would go back in his body. He was eight and I don’t think he made this up. I only told a few people about this till now, thinking they might think I was crazy, but this is what Tyler told me and he says he remembers this. It is hard to get him to talk about this.

Please, please keep Tyler and our family in your prayers. He has so much more to go through and it will be going on all Tyler’s life. I think we have Gods blessings.

Tyler’s one-year-old brother Eathan has bronchitis. He was seen at the ER last night. Jayden, the four-year-old brother, has croup and he was also seen at the ER. Nathan is going to be three in two weeks. He’s good and getting big.

Its suppose to snow here today. How I wish warm weather would get here!

We will be going to Gores car show Sat March 13th to help raise money for Courageous Kids. They have helped us so much. If you would like to meet Tyler and some of the kids, e-mail me for directions.

I cannot get use to living out here in the woods. I hate it, George loves it. He was raised here and won’t move back, so I am stuck: either stay or divorce. He’s too good and I love him too much to divorce. There is a double-wide across the woods from us and I think Ashly, Richie and the kids may be getting to move into it. That should help to have the boys around here. Tyler doesn’t care where he’s at, as long as his mom and nanny are with him.

God bless each of you. We love you!

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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