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Hi everyone,

Things here are good. Tyler’s still playing and being a little boy, pain free. We are all ready for our trip in June to Maryland for Tyler’s jaw surgery. We have our flight set up and the surgery date. I’m hoping this surgery will be all he needs for a while, But I know its not over for our brave little boy.

Leann and Helen are going to do a another cruise in June 15th to help with expenses. It will be at the little rebel in Greer. These lady’s really care and try to help children who are sick. God bless them both. We thank them so much,this will let us be with Tyler and not worry about food and other expenses.

Now good news: my boys now live next door to me and I am not lonesome any more! They have a really pretty double wide to live in with a great big yard. They seem to be real happy. Tyler played all day yesterday and we took the four boys down to the creek. They loved it. Tyler found a spot that was waist deep on him so he got wet. Nathan and Jayden got sticks and went fishing. Nathan kept saying over and over again that he dropped his fishing pole in.

They also ran and played with toy guns shooting playing like they were hunting. It was wonderful to hear them laughing and playing together. These are things Tyler never got to do. Tyler has asked me to take
him to Myrtle Beach so I plan to do this for him when we have the time and money.

I love them with all my heart and believe me I tell them every day that they are loved so much…because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Thank you all for the Easter cards and everything that has been done to help our family.


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