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Well, it looks like Tyler’s not going to get a break. He will be seeing a doctor here in Greenville today.

Tyler has something that looks like bone or tooth coming out of his mouth. The trouble is that he doesn’t have bone or teeth there to be coming out. It has to be something that was put there in surgery.

This isn’t good. Tyler says it hurts. Then Ethan threw a can of shaving cream and hit Tyler’s leg on the surgery site. This was two days ago it’s still hurting, so we will have to go get x-rays. I’m hoping the doctor says it’s okay to wait until Thursday the 5th to take him back to Maryland so we can fly with the Children’s Flight of Hope. If not, we may be driving to Maryland.

Please say a prayer for Tyler and me. I have a granddaughter and daughter that I am trying to look after. Granddaughter, age 21 has MS and many other issues. My daughter is in the hospital. They have no one but me.

I keep my faith and know that you all are praying for us. I know God doesn’t put more on you than you can stand, and I am holding up pretty well. I don’t understand why Tyler has to go throw all that he has. It’s just so sad for such a sweet little boy to have to be in pain and hurt.

We received a copy of Tyler hospital bill. It was $49,600! We are hoping Medicaid will pay most of it. We will have to pay what Medicaid doesn’t so Tyler can be treated at the university hospital. Dr. Rodriguez donates his part. Gosh, what a wonderful man this is!

The Little Rebel is going to try to do a Cruise In again to help Tyler on the 21st to try help out with expenses. Please Lord, no rain on that day or they won’t be able to do this. Every penny counts.

Anyone wanting to help can donate to pay pal or on this page using donation button. We truly believe in miracles and I know God has one for my Tyler.
Tyler enjoys all the cards, and opening the small gifts that are mailed to him, he tells me to thank everyone.

One more thing: Ashley, Tyler’s mom. She’s such a super mom. She picks that boy up and carries him to the bathroom and tub and anywhere he needs to be. She has bruises from the wheel chair. Tyler weighs about sixty pounds. She never complains. Ashley also has the care of the other two kids. I help all I can.

Please know how much you all are appreciated. Thank you Jessica for keeping Tyler’s web page up to date. No one would know how Tyler is without you.

I still feel so blessed. I have a home, a wonderful husband, raising a wonderful grandson [Nathan] and have wonderful people that love and care about us. And I have my best friend Cathy and Flash to call and talk to whenever I need a shoulder to cry on. Thanks, you two for always being here for me.

Hello all, Darlene asked me to drop you a note about Tyler’s flight to Maryland for follow-up from his surgery. Because of the bad weather, Children’s Flight of Hope has decided it is safer to delay. Thanks so much!

Tyler is doing well. He’s one tough little boy. He’s still taking his pain medication every day, but he is determined to win this battle. Tyler was sitting in my floor and I looked at him. He started to walk with his hands, pushing himself where he wanted to go, but he was careful not to use or put any weight on his leg. He’s such a trooper.

This one’s a little funny…

George [papa] put him in the tub. Well, he put in bubbles. I looked that way and bubbles were everywhere, running in the hall. Tyler was laughing so hard I just couldn’t help but laugh myself; of course, Papa cleaned it all up.

We have to take Tyler back to Maryland on Thursday for a doctor’s visit. Flights of Hope is going to fly Tyler to Maryland. We thank them so much. Tyler was taken to Dr. Beaish here in Greenville and he said Tyler could fly if we can get him in the plane. He will have to be lifted through the small door. I think we can do this. In three weeks, we will have to go back to Maryland again…in six months back again. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping Tyler. It costs so much for Tyler to get the care he needs.

Without help, we cannot do it. Thanks also to the wonderful teachers at Tyler’s school, Tyler’s school mates and his teacher Mrs. Belk for all they do to help. Thank you all for your donations. It helped so much. Every cent is spent on Tyler and his needs. Just know that we appreciate every little bit. It all helps. The cards make Tyler smile, so thank each of you for sending them. Thanks to all the kids that have sent cards from their schools and are praying for TyTy. Tyler still needs your prayers. He has a long journey ahead of him. Tyler’s address is below if you want to mail him a card.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

We’re home, but have got to go back to Maryland on the 27th, and then again 3 weeks from then, and then back again for surgery on Tyler’s leg. We need to know what the doctor thinks about TyTy’s future. Will his face ever be fixed or will he keep suffering? We are going to ask a lot of questions about Tyler to Dr. Rodriquez. This poor little ten year old boy is suffering way too much. Please, please keep praying for Tyler.

George said he saw Tyler’s x-rays and one side of his face is just empty little thin bone from the cheek up. There is no hinge to make his mouth work. George said he’s not a doctor but anyone would be able to tell something’s really wrong. Now Tyler face is looking flat on one side and he is drooling really badly. He cannot walk because of the broken leg mom having to do everything for him. Thanks to all that have helped, there are too many to send each one, but we thank you so much.

We love you all. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Tyler. He’s so skinny and this really worries me. He may have to have a feeding tube. We will have to ask the doctor about this. Each of you that have helped, please know the money is used for Tyler and his care. Know that you have helped us so much from cards to gifts to money to other kinds of help. I also wanted to let you know that Tyler has never collected a lot of money. It’s just enough to keep Tyler getting to his doctors. We need it and God knows!

Well, it’s me again. The doctor said that Tyler has an infection in his jaw and that he has to be put on medication. Medicaid would not pay for because it was out of state, but his social worker got it some way for a small fee, thank God. George and Nathan got here but now we have more to deal with.

George says he doesn’t know how far the car will make it. The transmission is slipping really badly. I pray we will be able to get home. George says he wants to leave here about four in the morning so it will be getting daylight if it does go out. He said he wants to try get the car home. We have to figure out how to get a transmission put in because Tyler has to come back to Maryland on the 27th of this month and again six weeks after that, back again in six months. Geez I will have to get this fixed some way. Pray we find a way.

I know you are not suppose to ask why, but this is really hard. Please pray for my TyTy and please say one for me. I need it!

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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