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Okay, I’m going to do my best to explain what’s going on with Tyler. Dr. Rodriguez doesn’t want to take the metal out of Tyler’s jaw yet. He has changed his mind, and says he might do more damage than good. He said he wants to put Tyler on stronger pain medication (and two different kinds). He wants to do both surgeries at one time. He said the metal is sticking through Tyler’s ear, causing him pain and making him deaf in that ear. However, he thinks it may harm Tyler to do two surgeries, so he wants to contact Medicaid and get Ashley’s Medicaid to approved paying the University of Maryland.

The hospital won’t let him do the surgery there if Medicaid doesn’t approve payment. He said he has to do lots of tests on Ashley and this will take a little time. He said his secretary will call with appointments and that he wants to do the surgery first of September, taking Ashley’s bone for Tyler’s jaw. And removing the titanium jaw at the same time. He does his part free, but the hospital has to be paid. He also wants Tyler home bound again for school. I hate for Tyler to be dragged around all the time…I wish they could get his jaw fixed. They can fix a man’s face, but cannot fix Tyler’s jaw. I am so upset that it’s a month away. I wish I had money. I bet I could get help for Tyler then.

I want to think every one that has sent Tyler gifts and games. He will use them to keep him happy until his surgery. I cannot believe the way you are told one thing and its changed. Please pray for Tyler. This is so stressful. The doctor told Ashley to get prepared and that we have a month. Gees, I sure hope Medicaid will approve this. We don’t have many options left. God bless. We love and thank you all.

Hi everyone.

It’s three in the morning as I sit here typing this… cannot sleep.

Tyler’s mom and Grandpa George will fly to Maryland today. I have doctors’ appointments that are very important that I must keep. So I cannot go with Tyler this time. It is supposed to be to set up surgery, but I think he will have to go ahead and do surgery on Tyler’s ear. I’m not sure what he will do. It hurts me so much that I cannot go with Tyler right now. The metal has come through Tyler’s ear. He is having headaches and pain.

Tyler is on pain medication that makes him hi par. He is ready to go he wants his jaw ear and head to stop hurting, I know that Dr. Rodriguez will do what he must to help Tyler. Tyler’s pain in his leg is slowed down for now thank god. He still has to get the rods taken from his leg. Then the next surgery will be taken moms bone from her leg and placing in Tyler’s jaw, so please pray for my boy.

Thanks to ginger McCoy and her daughter Tabitha for the game that Tabitha brought to Tyler. We really enjoyed the visit. Tabitha’s son Riley passed away three years ago with cancer. I cannot imagine the pain they suffered and still suffer because of the death of their child.

Thank everyone out there that is trying to help save Tyler. We pray and thank God that he has sent each of you into Tyler’s life. Everyone out there that has a cancer child in remission or still in treatment knows how hard this is on both the child and family. I haven’t been able to go with Tyler the last two times for personal reasons and it breaks my heart.

Can you believe that Tyler has had 45 surgeries and going to have three more this year? It’s the only way to save Tyler. And yes, he has a life. He’s with a family that loves him more than anything and that would do anything to save this sweet little 10 year old. And yes, I get on here and ask for help. We couldn’t do it without your help and Tyler wouldn’t be here because he could not get to the treatments he needs so much. But as I said in the past, I would cut off my arm if it would help my boy.

Also just a reminder any donations made on caring bridge site goes to them, not Tyler. If you would like to donate to Tyler please use the donation button here or go to pay pal,

Please, please pray for Tyler, can you imagine if this was you child? You would be doing the same thing I’m sure.

God bless we love you all.

Froggin’ (f.R.O.G. fully rely on god)



Please send this to everyone you know and ask them to pray for Tyler.

I wish I could make him well. I wish I could make his pain go away. We will never give up and Tyler has to have the surgeries or he won’t be able to use his mouth or eat. If that happens, he won’t be around long. So please don’t ask that we stop having the surgeries. Dr. Rodriguez is doing his best to save Tyler.

Tyler is hurting really badly. We called Dr. Rodriguez. He called in pain medication and we have to have Tyler in Maryland on Thursday the 28th.

The metal titanium has pushed up through Tyler’s ear and he cannot hear. His ear is hurting and there’s a big knot where metal is ready to come through his jaw. They already took part of the titanium jaw out. He is hurting, even with the pain medication. Now his leg is hurting and he’s saying he wants the rods taken out of his leg.

Tyler has been through so much. He did have a few good days last week. On top of all this, Tyler’s dog Scooby has disappeared. Ashley went to every house trying to find it for Tyler but no one has seen it. Tyler is so sad that his dog is missing. Please say a prayer for Tyler and our family. This is really hard on everyone both mentally and financially.

But God always provides a way. Tyler asked for a new game today. He’s bored with his others but I told him we couldn’t get it, that he will need what money he has if Dr. Rodriguez decides to go ahead with taking moms fibula from her leg for Tyler’s jaw. We will have to be in Maryland some time, while both Tyler and mom are in the hospital.

If you have never walked in the shoes of a cancer child, you need to be thanking God. Cancer has destroyed my little Tyler. He looks so skinny and so scared with his little twisted face. I am always asking God for help. It’s the only way I can save Tyler. I am trying to get things ready for a yard sale to help raise some money. On top of everything else, the transmission on the truck went out. It’s just something else to worry me.

Thanks all of Tyler’s angels. You all have been God sent. Anyone wanting to help you use pay pal:

or send to post office box

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

or even go to any SC SunTrust Bank and give the name Darlene Cox for Tyler Tucker
Greenville SC,

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

A special thank you to Berea First Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.

Thank you for your donation. All the money goes into Tyler’s account to pay for his medical needs. God bless you all! Please keep praying for Tyler.

Hello everyone,

Not much to update, Tyler is OK but still having pain. He needs your prayers.

He has to see some doctors here in Greenville next week. Then he has appointment coming up to check on the rods in his leg. He’s walking now but with a bad limp. He’s eating, but slowly because it hurts to chew. Tyler is still taking pain meds to keep the pain away.

He is going to have to go see the dentist. His few teeth are just hanging in his mouth and he has a few that are all bunched up in a pile that we are going to have to see about. What few teeth he has don’t have roots because of the chemo. Tyler goes back to Maryland to see Dr. Rodriquez on Sept 1.

We know they are planning two surgeries… one to take the rest of the metal jaw out because it is poking into his eardrum and through his ear, my poor kid. The other will be on both Ashley and Tyler, taking Ashley’s bone for Tyler’s jaw.

I am going to have a yard sale again for Tyler in two weeks, so if anyone in Greenville has donations please contact me. [ CAN BE PICKED UP]

No clothing unless in new condition please. It’s going to be on the side of highway 25. If you can help Tyler in this way, thank you.

I could also use some help with sale. I’m still planning. I have to do something to raise money for Tyler’s account. He’s going to need it.

I want to thank La Rue for her generous donation and thank all of you no matter how big or small, it counts and pays for Tyler’s and his medical needs. Tyler has suffered for years and it’s a long way from being over. He still loves the snail mail and getting all the get-well wishes

One more thing, if you all could put Tyler on your prayer list at church, this will be helpful because I know firsthand that God hears those prayers.

Jayden, Ethan and Nathan are doing well. I am OK, I’ll just trust in the Lord and that He will provide; God is good and has been with Tyler and our family.

If anyone has suggestions on a fundraiser or can do one for Tyler, we will be so grateful. One lady said she was going to send Tyler all her change each month, so things like that, maybe a penny drive or anything is so appreciated. It costs so much to get Tyler the help he needs.

Below is a copy of the most recent hospital bill. Medicaid only pays part and we have to pay what’s left. They want the balance before his next surgery, but with a $50,000 balance, I don’t think that will happen.

We love you all. Please go sign Tyler’s web page so we know you were there praying for him. And thank you Jessica so much for all you do on the web page. You’re an angel.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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