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Tyler’s trip went well. He had scans and saw Dr. Rodriguez. Tyler s scans showed that the metal in the top part of the jaw is poking him and coming threw his jaw. It has to come out. Dr. Rodriguez said that he has to take it out because it would be bad if he fell on it.  Dr. Rodrigues has already taken part of the titanium jaw out. He wants Tyler back in Maryland Sept 1 2011, scans again, and he said that Tyler just had surgery 3 month ago, so he wants him to heal a little.

We are to keep giving him prescription pain meds. The doctor will be taking this out sometime in Sept. unless Tyler gets worse and he has to do it sooner. This will give the doctor time to figure out what to do with Tyler’s jaw. Nothing seems to be working. He’s still thinking about taking bone from Ashley leg for Tyler’s jaw. Dr. Rodriguez treats Tyler for free, but the hospital does not and Medicaid doesn’t pay all of the hospital bill. What Medicaid doesn’t pay we are expected to pay before next surgery.

South Carolina does not pay what Maryland wants for money so the family is responsible. That’s where some of Tyler’s donations have to go, and I have to do what I can to keep donations coming in for Tyler. If not for all you guys, Tyler wouldn’t be here, so feel proud that you help save Tyler’s life. I am not talking just money. He needs your prayers; Tyler never complains. He knows that he must do this. He’s so sweet and appreciates all you do to help. I wish I could get someone to do a big benefit… something like Greenville’s Channel 4 or Greenville Braves, but I haven’t been able to do this. Maybe if some of you that care and love Tyler would email Channel 4, they might consider doing a benefit. You would have to give my email and phone number (, 864-834-8785).

Please keep praying. My boy will be having at least two more surgeries this year…and these are major surgeries. Tyler will not have any bone or metal in his jaw, just some packing. I am worried about him not being able to eat, He’s an amazing little boy. He’s a courageous kid.

I think a lot about what Tyler’s life is going to be like. I love him so much and am doing everything I can. I will beg if I have to. I will plead for Tyler’s life. He’s suffered so much in his short 10 years. God bless you all, and once again thank you all that help us. You know who you are.

Please say a prayer for our family. My niece took her own life on Saturday. She was only forty-one and I truly loved her so much. She will be missed.

FROGgin’    (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox

PO BOX 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

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