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I have been waiting to hear from Tyler’s doctor before updating. . .

Tyler’s surgery is still going to happen. It has been moved up to Nov 21, so we will have to leave Greenville November 18. We will not be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We will have to stay in Maryland for 6 to 8 weeks. But that’s okay as long as we are with Tyler.

Dad Richie is giving his fibula bone to Tyler. Dad will be in hospital for a week. He will have to stay in Maryland a while until they are sure he’s okay, then he will return home. Tyler will be in there for a long time… not sure how long. This was hard decision to make, but we feel that it’s the right decision. Without this surgery, Tyler wasn’t going to have much of a life.

Tyler’s getting worse. This is life threatening, so please, please pray my TyTy will be okay. I have put it in God’s hands. Please pray for all the doctors. There will be many teams of doctors. This will be a long surgery. Tyler will be in intensive care for a long time. Ashley and I will stay with Tyler the whole time he’s in Maryland. Papa George will be taking Richie and the boys to Maryland and Ashley and I hope to get a flight with Tyler. Papa George will stay until he knows Tyler is okay, and then he, Jayden and Nathan will be coming home so the boys can go to school. I would like to have Tyler’s Christmas with us in Maryland.

This is so stressful both financially and mentally. If anyone out there wants to help our family, first pray. Pray for us and TyTy. And if you can donate, please do. Even a dollar helps.

I want to thank Tyler’s schoolmates and teachers for all they have done to help. The children got pj’s and many other things Tyler needed for his surgery and even got him a set of luggage. Tyler loves you all.

Thanks to everyone, no matter how you helped. It’s so much needed. God bless you all, we love you.

Donations can be mailed to

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

or if you are in SC, you can make them at any sun trust bank, using my name for Tyler Tucker in Greenville SC

OR pay pal using my email " target="_blank">

or use the donation button here on


FROGgin’    (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



" target="_blank">
Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

I’m going to try explaining what’s going on with Tyler and our family.  Papa George had to drive them because Ashley and Richie have no car. So Papa went and stayed RMD House with Ethan and Jayden. Papa George loves these boys so much. Tyler and the family drove all the way from Greenville to Baltimore Maryland.

It took four really tough days. Ashley’s bone from her leg was not a match, so dad Ritchie was in line next. They tested Richie, took scans, drew 22 vials of blood, and did a physical. Dad is a match, so this was great news. Then there were meetings long meetings with doctors and more doctors. Dr. Rodriguez has to have many teams for this surgery; transplant teams, all kinds of teams, so there were meetings with each team. Dr. Rodriguez explained how much Tyler needs this surgery. Without it, things don’t look good for Tyler.

Tyler is in constant pain from his jaw and stays on prescription mediation. He can hardly eat and it’s getting worse. He also has leg pain and cries when the weather is bad or raining, or if he tries to walk any distance at all.

All the doctors agreed that this has to be done except for the head of the Oncology Department. If one doctor disagrees then they cannot do the surgery. The oncology doctor said to Ashley that this surgery has only been done one time, seven years ago, and that was not on a jaw; since then, only to monkeys experimentally. The medication Tyler would be put on could cause a secondary cancer. Tyler could die in the surgery. She thinks there’s too much risk. I wonder if she would say the same if this were her child. What kind of life will Tyler have? This is so sad. We need your prayers.

Dr. Rodriquez said that Tyler doesn’t have many options. The oncology doctor said to take muscle from Tyler and try that. I talked to Dr. Rodriguez he told me that taking the muscle from Tyler’s leg could cripple him for life. I told him no. We weren’t going to do that. Tyler already has his legs messed up from taking his fibula from both legs and from his leg being broken from the surgery in April this year. He still has metal rods in his leg and screws to hold his ankle on to the large leg bone.

He told me to give him a week or so and that he was going to try convince this doctor that Tyler must have this surgery. His future depends on it. He also said that he would get the surgery done if he has to come to Charleston to do it. Dr. Rodriguez said that he would never give up on Tyler. Thank god for this doctor. We know that he will do what he thinks is best for Tyler. He also said that he has to take the metal plate out of Tyler’s jaw, so his jaw is going to turn his face sideways and flat on one side. But it has to come out before infection starts. He told me not to cancel anything; that he was hoping that Tyler could still have the surgery on November 28th.

So we are just praying that God’s will be done. Dr. Rodriguez also called Dr. Kaveka in Charleston and told her what the oncologist had said and she wouldn’t agree. He’s hoping she can change the oncology doctor’s mind in Maryland.

This is so hard on our family. We believe that Tyler should have this surgery. It’s about all the hope that’s left until he’s grown. What’s he to do…lie in pain and take drugs? What kind of life will this be for TyTy?

Please pray for us and help us make the right decision. We also want to thank everyone who has donated to Tyler. Without help, we cannot get Tyler the medical attention he needs, or to Maryland to see Dr. Rodriguez. God bless you all and thank you all so much for helping save Tyler. If you can donate, please go to Sun Trust Bank; give my name and Tyler’s. Or mail

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

Or right here on We will be taking Tyler to doctors for the rest of his life. Please keep praying for TyTy.

FROGgin’    (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely on God)

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

Dr. Rodriguez called and said he just got some tests back on Ashley and that he can use her fibula for Tyler’s jaw, except that he will have to drain all the blood from Tyler and separate the plasma from it, then put it back in Tyler. This will make Tyler really sick and weak, so he’s afraid to try it now. Dr. Rodriguez want Tyler’s dad to donate his fibula. We will be taking Richie up for all the testing this Wednesday and will be in Maryland… four days total trip. Richie’s blood type is the same as Tyler’s, and will work, but Richie is scared of being put to sleep. He’s going to do this, or I will never forgive him.

Most dads would give their lives for their sons, and I really think Richie loves Tyler enough to do this. This makes more things to be worried about.  We’ll need baby sitters for the boys because Dr. Rodriguez said he wants Ashley there with Tyler and me there with Ashley. That leaves Papa George and three little boys. Papa had a stroke years ago and I don’t know if he can handle all the boys. Gees, what next? I know in my heart that it will all work out. Tyler’s surgery is still Nov-28th. I sure wish they would take my fibula. I would gladly give Tyler both legs if I could.

It looks like I may have to have all the kids there at Ronald McDonald House. At least I can check on them if they are with us. This is not the final decision. Maybe something else will come up. I am praying.

I also want to thank Johnson and Johnson for their generous donation, and  Toothdr2898. So many nice things have been done for Tyler and our family. No matter how large or small the help, we are so grateful for it.

Tyler loves the snail mail, and every bit of money sent is in his account for his medical needs, which get larger with each trip. You can help us out with donations, and prayers for this sweet 11-year-old boy. We are running out of options.  Know that you are helping to keep Tyler alive. God is with us and I will keep my faith and trust in Him.


I am hoping to get everything here ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas before we leave to go to Maryland on the 27th of November for this long six to eight weeks at the university of Maryland. Tyler’s grandpa Lynn will be watching out for my dogs and making sure things are okay here at home.

Once again, please let your kids know every day that you love them, and know that we love and appreciate you all so much. Say a prayer for me. I need it.

Well it’s been a long night, cannot sleep again; we need to be in Maryland on the 20thof October for meetings with doctors for Tyler’s surgery on November 28.

Well the devils working, but I won’t let him win. The Children’s Flight of Hope is booked and there are no flights.  They have been wonderful. They fly us there and always make sure we have transportation on to the RMD House. Anyway, they cannot help us this time. So I guess we will be leaving and driving to Maryland on the 19th. That’s about a 12-hour drive from here and twelve back.

But I will drive if I have to.  Tyler’s future depends on it.  I will just keep my faith and hope things will work out, my van is not in the best of shape and has a hundred fifty thousand miles on it, but I think it will make it there. I will have to keep Nathan out of school and take him with us. Dr.Rrodriquez will give him an excuse, so that will be okay even though I know he needs to be in school.

Tyler’s face on one side is drawing and feeling numb. The doctor thinks it’s a nerve doing this. His legs hurt mostly after he plays or walks around a lot. There are still metal rods in his leg. They will need to come out soon and he still has pins in his ankle that holds his foot over on the large bone.  But he does really well with walking around. I just wish I could make it all better for him. these next months are going to be rough. I have always been with my kids for Christmas but won’t be this year.

There are some wonderful caring angels out there and we thank you with all our heart. Thank you Mrs. Sue for all the birthday gifts you sent and for remembering Ethan, Jayden and Nathan. Sometimes they feel so left out.

We still haven’t had a call from Jayden’s doctors at New Horizon so I guess everything is okay. Ashley has called them but has not gotten them to call her back yet. I think it might not be medical. Maybe he is depressed with all that he has to deal with his brother being sick.

Thank all of you. We couldn’t get Tyler the help he needs without you. Tyler loved all the birthday cards. Thanks to all that have helped us save Tyler. We still need donations and if you would like to donate, please go and find the donation button, or send to:

Tyler tucker c/o Darlene cox

Po box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

You can also go to any South Carolina Sun Trust Bank and give them the name Darlene Cox for Tyler Tucker, Greenville SC to donate to Tyler’s account.

Even a dollar helps.

Please know that every dime is spent on Tyler’s medical and travel needs. Always remember that prayer is the most important thing. God is hearing you!  Please tell your kids you love them. You don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Also, a great big thank you to Grandma Gail, Tiffany and Jeremy for all they try to do to help. Jeremy brings the boys a pizza every week end and plays with them.  This is such a big help and lets them know they are loved.  He also pays to keep on the Web…and thanks to Mrs. Jessica; she updates that site and has for a long time. Go take a look.

I want to tell you that Tyler is eleven years old, knows you all help him, and appreciates it so much.

Mr. Steven has done so much for Tyler.  We are so thankful to have him in Tyler’s life.

No matter how you help, we love you all and are so grateful.


Froggin’ (F.R.O.G.-  fully rely on god)







Tyler tucker c/o Darlene cox

Po box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

Hello everyone,

More news on Tyler, first Dr. Rodriguez called 10-4-11 he said that he has not gotten the records from MUSC that he needs on Tyler. Ashley signed for them on the 16th of last month. She has called them, and they are supposed to be sending them.

Dr. Rodriguez said that the spot they see in Tyler is not coming from the metal in his jaw. He said he doesn’t know what it is, but Tyler has to be checked out. It could be tonsils or something else. We are trying to contact Dr. Kebecka to get this done, but she hasn’t called us back yet. We are praying it’s not cancer. We will be making a trip soon to MUSC to find out.

Next, he said that we have to come to Maryland. As soon as he can set it up, we have to meet with doctors for two days at University of Maryland about Ashley and Tyler’s surgery. So now, we will go to Maryland for this and then go back for the surgery on the 28th.

At that time, we will be staying up to eight weeks. We’re leaving Greenville right after Thanksgiving and won’t be home for Christmas.

Tyler’s birthday was wonderful and we thank everyone that made it possible. It was so good to see him smile. Tyler loved all the birthday cards and gifts he received from everyone. His teachers and some of his classmates were at his party too. Thank you all for making Tyler so happy, and most of all, thank you Steven for paying for Tyler’s party, cake, and all the trimmings.

The medical bill is also being paid, so that will be taken care of. Thank you and God bless you. Now Tyler will be able to have his surgery.

There are many angels watching out for Tyler. Tyler’s grandma Gail will be taking five days off so she can go to Maryland and sit with Ashley and Tyler. What a big help this will be! she loves those boys with all her heart.


I don’t know how many of you read the Greenville news, but things don’t look too good. Dr. Rodriguez said this was the worst case he had ever had. But he also said that Tyler has an awesome, caring and supporting family. I know that God will be with Tyler and our family. I will always keep my faith and know that God is with me.

Now we’re also worried about Tyler’s little brother Jayden. We have been sitting at the doctor’s office with him because he has been throwing up and sleeping an hour or more at school. He says he feels bad. The doctors are running all kind of tests on him, saying that these could be signs of a brain tumor and that he has to be checked out. He said we wouldn’t hear back on the tests for a week or so. Please pray that he is OK.

Papa George is trying to get the van all fixed up for the trip to Charleston, and if Tyler and Ashley need him, he will drive to Maryland.

Once again, I say to you, please hug your kids. Tell them each day that you love them. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. What if this was your child?

God bless each of you. We love you all so much!

Anyone who wants to help with this for Tyler can donate here at I promise you, every dime is put into Tyler’s account and used for his medical needs. This is so depressing, both mental and financially. One thing everyone can do is pray for Tyler and our family.

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