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Tyler is doing well, he sees Dr. Rodriguez tomorrow and if he says that it’s okay, we will go home on Friday. Tyler’s really wanting to be home. He’s still on a lot of pain medication. We will take Tyler home and try to make things normal for him. He will get to spend Christmas with his brothers and Nathan. And we thank God for all the many blessings that he has given us. And for all of you that have prayed so hard for him. God hears your prayers

Tyler’s neck is still bleeding and he has to keep gauze on it. His neck was cut two inches further than the last time. His legs are doing well. He cannot walk, but I think he will in a few weeks. Tyler said he missed his homebound teacher Mrs. Bright. We called her and Tyler talked to her. He loves Mrs. Bright. He also wanted to talk to Debbie at Courageous Kids. He wanted to tell her he loved her. She was so surprised. She loves TyTy so much.

He’s such a trooper and Dr. Rodriguez said he was so proud of Tyler. He says Tyler will have to have more surgery in about three months, but that he sees a bright future for Tyler. I hate that not all the surgery was done, so now Tyler could get a break, but Dr. Rodriguez is doing what’s best for Tyler. He said this is a temporary fix, that the plastic fixture he put in cannot stay in TyTy’s jaw. He said pray hard that if the bone from dad works, Tyler may never need another surgery after the next one is done. Or at least not until he’s a lot bigger.

The Medicaid wouldn’t pay for Tyler to get a walker. They said that we had to pay up front for one, and we did finally get a wheel chair. We ended up paying for Tyler’s medication, so we only could get what he had to have until he gets back to SC, so his Medicaid will pay for it. They told us at the hospital that they didn’t have a contract with SC Medicaid for medication. Anyway, it’s taken care of.

We were spending thirty dollars a day at the hospital for dinner. It was really high cost there. We were using our Subway gift cards for lunch. Ashley said she never wants to see a sub again.

We are so grateful that people cared about Tyler and our family and have helped us.

This nice lady Katrina and her husband brought us dinner one night to the hospital. She’s from Coles Foundation. She was so sweet, and we loved her visit. She also brought us a donation and balloons for Tyler. We sure thank her and are so grateful. We thank all of you for all your prayers, love and support, no matter what you did, we thank you. Tyler has a long way to go, so please keep him in your prayers.

We will be getting ready for the next surgery, so we still need donations and prayers. If you would like to help Tyler and his family, please donate at or use my pay pal, . Also, you can send in mail.

I promise all the money goes in to Tyler’s account for his medical care and trips to Maryland. These trips really cost. Tyler will have to come back to Maryland in three or four weeks for a checkup this is a long way, but Dr. Rodriguez said he has to see him. Tyler will have a doctor in Greenville that will check him also, but cannot treat.
We were not able to get a flight back home, so Papa had to drive all the way here with Nathan, and will be driving us home. It took him eleven hours to get here. We sure thank the flights of hope for getting us here. We were told that Tyler’s jaw had so much infection, that if we had waited another day getting here, he possibly could have died.

Also please pray for Tyler’s buddy Dylan Kirby. He’s having jaw surgery on Dec 15 at MUSC of Charleston. He’s 16 and needs your prayers.

I am doing great. I walked up to the market place today and wasn’t even tired. Last time I walked, I couldn’t hardly breath and wasn’t able to walk around the place after I got there. I still have a lot to lose, but losing seventy pounds sure has helped me. I have gone from a 4x to x-large, and I feel so much better.

Pease hug your children what if this was your child. I pray you will never have to see your child go through what Tyler has. And it’s not over.

So please pray, pray, pray. Thank you all for all the prayers.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

Greenville News 11/27/2011, Page B01

Boy undergoes 47th jaw surgery

Last-minute hitch prompts change in operation plans

By Liv Osby

Staff Writer ">

It wasn’t the surgery they’d planned, but Ty­ler Tucker underwent
another operation last week as part of the continuing efforts to
repair his damaged jaw.

It was the 47th surgery for the 11-year-old Greenville County boy.

Tyler underwent his first surgery as a tod­dler in 2002 after being
diagnosed with an ag­gressive cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation followed. The disease and treatments destroyed much of his jaw.

So once the cancer was in remission, doctors twice took bone from his legs to create a new jaw, but both attempts failed, leaving him in a lot of pain, as well as unable to speak or eat normally.

Then in August 2009, a titanium plate was implanted into Tyler’s remaining jaw bone to provide structural support, allowing him to eat and communicate better, and attend school.

But as he’s grown, his jaw has shifted, push­ing the plate sideways so that it nearly broke through the skin near his ear, causing more pain, and more trouble speaking and eating, too.

“The plate was fixing to come through his skin … and something had to be done,” said his

See TYLER, Page 4B

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See TYLER on Page B04


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mom, Ashley Nance. “They couldn’t just leave him like that.”

To resolve the problem, doctors originally planned to take some bone from his mother’s leg to fashion him a new jaw, said Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and chief of plastic surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, where Tyler has been treated.

When she turned out not to be a match, though, Tyler’s father, Richie, was tested and found to be a match. So the plan was to take leg bone from him, Rodriguez said.

The operation, which was months in the planning, was scheduled. And the family made arrangements to travel to Maryland and stay at Ronald Mc-Donald House for two months.

But just days before the surgery, it was discovered that Tyler’s dad has a common virus — Epstein-Barre virus, or EBV — that could cause Tyler to develop lymphoma because he must take immunosuppressive drugs
after the surgery to prevent rejection of the donor bone, Rodriguez said.

Plan A was scrubbed.

“It was hard after all the planning. But in the end, it’s what’s best for Tyler,” Rodriguez said. “Patients who are going to be on immune suppression, and who are EBV-negative, have the potential of developing lymphoma. And the risk of him developing lymphoma was significant, especially with his past history of cancer. It would be horrible if he ended up developing lymphoma.”

But Tyler was suffering. Something had to be done.

So in a 12-hour operation Monday, Rodriguez’ team removed the old implant, which did push through the skin in the OR, he said. They then implanted another jaw bone fabricated of composite material and took a
flap of tissue from Tyler’s left thigh and transferred it to his right cheek to provide coverage over the implant. Rodriguez and his team have volunteered their services for all the surgeries while the hospital accepts Medicaid. Because of his condition, Tyler is uninsurable, Nance said.

Once he’s healed, he should be able to eat again, Rodriguez said, and have less pain. “We reconstructed a replica of what it would look like with the leg bone,” he said. “I think he’ll be comfortable for quite some time, better than before.”

It’s hoped that the bone transplant surgery can be performed in several months, he said.

Nance said Tyler came through the surgery well. He will be in the hospital about a week and at Ronald McDonald House after that.

“They lined him back up and filled in that side of his face. And they opened his ear back up and everything,” she said. “But he’s really swollen. No matter how many surgeries they have, you don’t get used to seeing them like that.”

Rodriguez said if everything goes well, the family should be able to return to Greenville by Dec. 2.

And while he’s missing Thanksgiving, at least now he’ll be home for Christmas.

“He’s so tough. He’s a great kid,” said Rodriguez. “The thing that pleases me the most is he’s growing, getting taller. Our future is bright.”


To follow Tyler’s progress, go to www.caring­bridge. org/ visit/tylertucker

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Things here are not good. Tyler had a bad night. He had some pain yesterday.

They tried to take the breathing tube out but he couldn’t breathe on his own. After many tries, he finally did start to breathe on his own, thank God.

They cut Tyler from one side of his ear almost to the other ear and grafted skin from his leg and hip to fill in his jaw. They also took the rods out of tiles’ leg where it had been broken in the last operation. The only trouble is that all he put into Tyler’s jaw cannot stay but has to come out. It’s a temporary fix, for up to a year.

Dr. Rodriguez said he couldn’t do the bone transplant because the medication Tyler would have to take after could cause him. So before that surgery, Tyler has to be tested. They are running a test today to get Tyler’s blood to get a positive reading on Tyler’s blood. Dr. Rodriguez said that he wants to do the bone transplant in three months (that was supposed to have been done yesterday). Dr. Rodriguez said that until everything is right, he would not take a chance on Tyler getting that cancer back and it killing him.

Please pray for us. Tyler is at the Baltimore, MD hospital ICU children’s floor. Our address here is

PHONE 1-410-366-4024, ROOM 211

Most of all, we need your prayers. The surgery Tyler had yesterday was 16 hours. I don’t know how long he will be in ICU.

ANY ONE THAT CAN DONATE, PLEASE DO. If you don’t want to send money, please send gift cards.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. You are saving Tyler’s life.

Ashley got three little slices of turkey, mac and cheese, and scoop of rice. It was almost nine dollars. We had to get a cab to get to store and it was $15 there and $15 back. We also have to pay for some medication that Tyler and Ashley had to have. Medicaid wouldn’t pay because it’s out of state. It will pay on Tyler’s as long as he’s in the hospital. When he comes to the RMD House, it won’t pay for his medication, so yes, we need money. I don’t even know how we will get Tyler home when it’s time. I don’t know if he can fly because of the flight jerking on landing and takeoff. I’ll have to rent a car, maybe to get him home. We’ll worry about that later. He’s sure not going anywhere for a while. I’m going right now to the hospital that Ashley stayed in last night. I will update more as soon as i get more information.

If you live in Maryland, drop by and visit Tyler.
Thank you all, we love you!

I sure am missing my little Nathan, Ethan and Jayden, Papa too. Richie is taking really good care of them, but it sure hurts to be away from my boys.

Pray, pray, pray for Tyler and our family.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

Things have changed. This is so hard on everyone and my poor Tyler. Going to try let you all know what’s going on. Tyler is in surgery now and will be around 10 to 12 hours. First, they are taking the rods from his leg, then the jaw surgery. He was not afraid. I bet he told me a hundred times he loved me yesterday. They are putting a spacer, something they made in his jaw and drafting skin, to help hold his face in place. They will have to cut him from one ear to almost the other side. Please, please pray for my Tyler.

They are not taking Dad’s bone at this time. This surgery is getting him ready for the next surgery. Yep, again in three months, they will be taking dad’s bone from his leg for Tyler’s jaw. All this is hard to explain. Something to do with a drug that Tyler will have to take that could cause him to get the cancer back. They are going to redo the Epstein-Bar test to see if he is positive yet, and if not, the are going to give him vaccine to make him positive.

We have no idea how long we are staying this time. All that changed. But we will be staying six to eight weeks when they do the bone transplant in three months. They are going to try give as low a dose as possible of this medication. Pray, pray for my Tyler.

Dr. Rodriguez bragged on me, telling me how proud he was of me for losing so much weight and gave me a big hug and kiss, telling me he’s never giving up on Tyler. He told me that Tyler and I are in his heart and told me he loved us. What a wonderful doctor. He said that when we get through the bone transplant, that he’s hoping Tyler wouldn’t need more surgeries for a few years.

Tyler’s Medicaid won’t pay for some medications. We already had to spend a lot for strong antibiotics he had to take before surgery because he had an upper respiratory infection when we got here. Now Ashley has it. Then Ashley had to go to the ER because she broke her toe and she had to have medication.
Dr. Rodriguez is calling the Greenville news and there will be an Update on Tyler, so watch for it. Someone save me a copy please.

If any of you want to donate to Tyler and our family, you can do it at pay Pal using my email at .

Or go to any SunTrust Bank and give my name, Darlene cox for Tyler tucker. You can put it straight in to his account.

or here at tylertucker.Com

or mail
Tyler tucker c/o Darlene cox
Po box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

All the money is used for Tyler’s care and know that you are helping to save his life. Please pray for us.

My phone is not working here in the hospital, should have stayed with Verizon. Will post more when Tyler’s out of surgery.

I am missing my baby Nathan at home and Jayden and Ethan!

Hello everyone. We leave Friday for Baltimore Maryland and Ronald MC Donald house. Tyler’s surgery is Monday. This surgery is life threatening. Please, please get a prayer chain started for Tyler, his dad and our family. They will be in the operating room at six in the morning next Monday. Please post everywhere you can.

I cannot help it; I’m scared. I have cried all week and prayed so hard for my boy. I’m not even the one having this surgery. I hope all is good with our flight with children flight of hope. I haven’t heard back from them but will be calling to check on things today. Richie, Tyler’s dad, is so scared, but he will be okay. He just hasn’t had surgery before, so I understand that he’s scared.

I asked Tyler how he felt about the surgery. He told me that he wants to have it done; that he’s tired of having pain and pain medication all the time. He also told me not to worry; that he was going to be okay. He said that he knows all about heaven.

I never will forget when I took him to church one day years ago, he was sick laying his head on my lap. He looked up at me and said, “Nanny, what is this place?” I told him it was God’s house. He replied, “Oh Nanny, that’s the man that holds your hand when I’m in the hospital,” and he gave me a kiss and hug. Tyler’s a strong eleven-year-old little boy. He has had 46 surgeries and this will be 47 surgeries. The Greenville newspaper will do an update as soon as surgery’s over and I call them with the update

Please, please ask God to let TyTy pull through this surgery. Ask God to help us financially, with all the stress that goes along with it. Ask him to help us make the right decisions and to watch after all our love ones left here at home. I know God hears your prayers, so please spread the word to all your friends to pray for Tyler and our family. Pray for Dr. Rodriguez and his team and all the other teams involved in Tyler’s surgery.

I took Tyler to the Little Rebel to get chicken wings. He sat there about an hour and didn’t get but four to eat, but he enjoyed them. Helen the owner told him she was praying for him and sent extra order home with him. Yesterday, his uncle Jeremy got pizza for the boys. Tyler won’t be able to eat for a long time. He will be in Maryland six to eight weeks.

Thank you to Ron banks for the food card, and Tigerville School. This will help. Eight weeks will be a long time away from home. If anyone wants to help donation can be made at Donation button, or pay pal using or even taken to sun trust bank in South Carolina and give my name Darlene cox for Tyler Tucker Greenville SC. Please help us if you can even give gift cards for McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway or Wal-Mart would be good so we can buy groceries.

Most important is prayer.

Also, Tyler’s 16-year-old buddy Dylan Kerby is going to be in the hospital to have jaw surgery from cancer. he will be in Charleston at MUSC Dec 3rd. Please say a prayer for Dylan. He almost died in the summer from having a surgery. He needs your prayers also.


My TyTy has been fighting his whole life. I hate cancer. Even though it’s in remission, it has caused so much suffering and pain. Cancer destroyed Tyler’s little body. The child suffers, so does the family. I pray for every family out there that has or has had a child with cancer. You just don’t know what they go through, both child and family.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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