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Hi every one. It’s only three weeks until March 25, when we leave for Maryland to have surgery on the 26th. My Tyler has to have another jaw replacement. I am so worried about him. The surgery that was done November has failed, so Dr. Rodriguez’s has a company building Tyler a new jaw, just for him.

He still cannot have the bone transplant from his father. Tyler has to catch the Epstein Barr virus first. It is a very common virus that almost everyone has. He just hasn’t caught it yet. He has to have it before the surgery because his dad is positive for this virus. If he doesn’t have it and his dad does, it can make him very sick. Also, if he has it, there is a lower chance of catching a type of cancer that the anti-rejection meds can cause. The doctors have tried everything. He has had blood transfusions but Tyler still hasn’t caught the virus.

Please pray for us. We need your donations for the trip. The doctors said we would be in Maryland two to three weeks. Your donations get Tyler to Maryland and pay for the medical help he needs. Our funds are really low, so please help us if you can. Thank God there are people that care. Thank you Mr. Banks for your donation. You are surely one of Tyler’s angels

Medicaid will pay for medication while Tyler is in the hospital, but it will not pay for Tyler’s medication in Maryland, when he’s sent over to RMD House.

Many of you have ask about my daughter tammy. She’s home and doing well, but she has a lot of therapy. I have to stay with her a lot. We just thank God she’s going to be ok. God hears our prayers

I want to ask that you say a prayer for me as well. I have had two EKGs and both said that I had something wrong. So tomorrow at 7, I will have four to seven hours of testing. Please pray about this. I have been feeling fine but had some pain in my left arm and leg. I have no insurance and am not old enough for Medicare, and don’t qualify for Medicaid.

I am taking two hundred dollars to them and will have to just make payments and pray I don’t need surgery. I applied for hospital sponsor ship but that didn’t go through. God, I sure hope I will be able to go with Tyler for his surgery.

I need your prayers. This is so depressing, both mental and financial thank you all for loving Tyler and me and helping us. We love you all. I just wish I could make all this go away.

— froggin’ (f.r.o.g. – fully rely on god) for Tyler

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO Box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

We just got home from Maryland last night. Tyler’s jaw put in in November has failed and he has to have yet another surgery. This will be surgery number 49, and will be done March 26 2012. I don’t know how much more he can take. I know that I have my faith to carry us through.
He is returning to Maryland, 600 miles from home. There are only a few short weeks until Tyler has to go through this again. Please keep praying for TyTy. Dr. Rodriguez has a company that is building Tyler a new jaw, and donating it to Tyler.
This is not the end. Tyler will still have to have a bone transplant and more surgeries all his life. We need donations for food, travel and places to stay, so if you can help Tyler and his family, please do. I know that God has angels out there and I am praying that they will step in to help us.
If you cannot donate, please pray for Tyler and our family. And if you can donate, even the smallest amount will help. Visit Tyler at We love and are so grateful to you all. Without donations, Tyler cannot go to Maryland and get the medical help he needs. God bless you all and please kiss your kids. Tell them you love them each day. You don’t know what tomorrow may bring. What if this was your child?

— FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God) for Tyler

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386 Greenville, SC 29610

I remember several months ago, Darlene was not well. She was tired all the time and had trouble getting around because she was overweight. She couldn’t go on the Angel flights to travel with Tyler. Today, I saw her before and after weight loss pictures. She looks incredible!

It’s so nice to see her in good health as she keeps up this fight for Tyler’s life. Please join me in congratulating Darlene in losing 83 pounds!



Hello every one

It’s three in the morning and I cannot sleep again. The last three weeks have been just terrible, but Tyler has had a couple of good weeks. His little jaw is still swollen, but looks a little better than it did.

Tyler is still taking pain medication, but not as often as he was. His legs are still hurting, mostly when it’s really cold or raining. Mom Ashley, dad Richie and Papa took all four boys to the park yesterday.

Tyler watched them play; he had a good time a good time. Tyler always takes his iPad that some special friends gave him. He loves it and is so grateful to have it.

I am trying to get everything arranged for another trip to Maryland. Dr. Rodriguez said that the jaw he just put in must come out, so he is supposed to be looking at the jaw and giving us dates for another surgery. Right now, it looks like Tyler will go to Maryland on February 23, but without donations, there’s no money to travel to get the treatments he needs. So please, if you have any extra and you can help Tyler, please do. Funds are really low.

This is so depressing, but I know God has my hand and has plans for TyTy.

 You can donate at tylertucker.Com or mail Tyler tucker c/o Darlene cox

Po box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

Or my pay pal account,

All checks have to have my name on them. Please make them payable to Darlene Cox c/o Tyler Tucker because social security was going to stop his little six hundred a month because he had a checking account and dad was living in the home.

Dad is still waiting to have the bone transplant. He has no car and lives eight miles from anything. No buses run there either, so he’s in a pickle not knowing what to do…and no job.

They pay the lights and rent with Tyler’s check. I keep up with Tyler’s donations and it is used just for Tyler’s medical needs. I promise it is spent on Tyler’s needs only.

We are so grateful to all Tyler’s angels out there. Tyler still loves the snail mail so drop him a card if you have time.

Please, please kiss your kids and tell them you love them. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I just watched my daughter being cut out of a car three weeks ago. She lay in ICU and the doctor’s didn’t think she would live, but buy the grace of God, she’s still with us. She’s still in bad shape, but will be ok, thank God.

I sat at the hospital eight days and nights without leaving, praying and asking God to please let her live. He did, but she will have to have a lot of therapy. She had broken her neck, and had a bone broken in her back. She had surgery and had a bone put into her neck, so say a prayer for Tammy. God bless each of Tyler’s angels we love you all.

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