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Tyler had his surgery and is doing Okay.  he is having a lot of leg pain. This is normal. We hope all the pain will be gone before long and he will be up walking again. His jaw is also hurting. The doctor moved his jaw appointment to September 6. Dr. Rodriguez is gone all of August, but we don’t want to see anyone else.

Tyler’s darn dog ate his iPad cord. Tyler’s  iPad is his security blanket. He really needs a new one because his battery doesn’t stay charged long, Tyler takes this with him on his trips and to all his doctors. We cannot afford to get another one for Tyler. If anyone is updating to a new one, or  would help with this, we would be so great full. Tyler took his iPad even to the bathroom with him, so angels, help him if you can. These little things help keep Tyler  happy while going through all the surgeries. God bless each of you. Please visit his page and post a comment so we will know you were there.

Our address is at the bottom, and donations can be made at PayPal.

Most of all, keep those prayers coming. God is hearing them. Thank you, all we love you all.

A friend sent this to Tyler:

My Brave Hero TYLER TUCKER, is someone who is fighting a battle.

My Brave Hero is strong,

Even when things go wrong,

My Brave Hero is someone who fights like a champ,

My Brave Hero Never Gives Up Never Gives in

My Brave Hero fights with a smile and a grin,

My brave hero Fights till they win,

My Brave Hero has a lot of courage,

My brave Hero is not afraid to shed a tear

Even when they have a fear,

My Brave Hero lives life to the fullest,

My brave Hero is my friend

My Brave Hero fights until the end

My Brave Hero fights till there is no more pain

My Brave Hero fights until their free,

My Brave Hero fights until they are in a safe place,

My brave Hero fights until they have won their race,

It’s true

My Brave Hero is You!

Who invented fire? Some bright spark


FROGgin’    (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)








Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox

PO BOX 14386

Greenville, SC 29610


Hello to all Tyler’s angels out there,

Tyler went to the doctor today about his foot slipping off the big bone.

He will have his surgery on the twenty-fifth; at eleven thirty to hold it in place. Please pray that it won’t be painful and that it doesn’t cause more trouble with his legs. This will be out patient.

Then he goes to Maryland on the twenty-third next month. We are hoping to get a flight. I think if he was around someone with mono, he could get the Epstein virus he needs to get his bone transplant. Mono can cause him to get it

I was looking at him going to the doctor and he sure has many battle scars all over his little body, he looks weak, and sooo skinny. He eats, but it just doesn’t seem to make him gain any weight.

You all are a blessing to Tyler and our family, from the cards that make Tyler try to smile to everything else that has been done to help. May god send blessing to each of you. There are just not enough words to say how grateful we are. Tyler has a long way to go. Your prayers love and donations have kept Tyler with us.


Froggin’    (f.R.O.G. – fully rely on god)






Tyler tucker c/o Darlene Cox

Po box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610


Tyler’s doing a little better. He sure deserves this break. He’s seeing Dr. Beckish on the 10th. He has to have surgery here in Greenville on his foot. It has once again slipped off the big bone and needs screws put back in to hold it in place. It’s painful.
His jaw is pulling over and making it hard for him to eat, but it isn’t hurting the way it did. Tyler is still facing more surgery. He will go to Maryland on August 23 to see Dr. Rodriguez. I am praying that he has the virus he needs to have the bone transplant. Until he gets it, they can’t do the surgery. There is too much of a chance that the cancer would come back if they did the surgery without the virus being present in both the donor (Tyler’s dad) and Tyler.

Dr. Rodriguez says he will never give up on Tyler, and I will never give up fighting for Tyler either. No matter what the devil shoves out, I will keep my faith and know that God will one day give Dr. Rodriguez the ability to help Tyler get well. So, go way devil! You cannot win. My faith is strong.

God has heard your prayers and sent all Tyler’s angels to help him and our family. There are not enough words to say how grateful we are. I just wish I could give a hug to each of you. Please go to CaringBridge or and sign Tyler’s page. It’s counted as another prayer for Tyler.

Tyler wants to go shopping to find something he can do in the house. He cannot get out and run and play like his brothers do. He’s bored to death. I told him he had to wait because there are no funds for this. He does have a friend online that is playing Minecraft with him, so that is a blessing.

Tyler is missing his teacher, Mrs. Bright. He really loves this teacher. She has been so great with him. Shame she cannot come during the summer.

Both my daughters are doing so much better. Thanks for all the prayers for them too.
Kiss your children tell them you love them every day

You don’t know what tomorrow may bring. And no matter how old they are, a mother’s and grandmother’s love is always there. God bless, we love you all so much

Donations to help Tyler can be made at
Or mail
Tyler tucker c/o Darlene cox
Po box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610
Prayers can be made anywhere

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