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Hi everyone.

Tyler and his family are doing OK. Doing a lot of running to doctors. Starting with Tyler, he is sore and his jaw is hurting. The doctor said that he may have a fracture on the left side of his jaw, but there is no use in an X-ray because they can’t do anything about it until he sees the Dr. Doorshire in Maryland anyway. His right side is where the cancer ate away all the bone.

Tyler will go to Maryland April 18 for his jaw replacement and to have the injuries checked out. He will stay on his pain medication until then. His legs and back are also hurting him.

Richie still has cuts from the barbed wire and his back is given him a fit (he already had a fracture in his back from last year). Jayden and Ethan are OK, but have bruising from seat belts. Ashley has a pulled muscle in her shoulder and neck.

I want to thank Steven for replacing Tyler’s desktop that was broken in the wreck. You’re one awesome guy.  Thanks to all Tyler’s angels for the love, prayers and support. You all know who you are and it does not matter what you have done big or small to help Tyler and his family. God placed you in Tyler’s life and we love you and are so thankful. You are Tyler’s angels!

I will be having my surgery on the 13th this coming Thursday at Greenville hospital on grove Road. It’s a skin removal from losing 119 pounds. My doctor said it will be rough, but I would be so happy I did it after I heal. Thank god my Medicare said it was medically necessary and will be paying for my surgery. Please put all of us in your prayers.

We love you all so much. Please tell your family you love them each day. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

I know that god had his loving arms wrapped around Ashley, Richie and the kids and pulled them safely out of the wreck. I don’t know how they came out alive. Thank you Jesus for I know there is a reason. I don’t understand, but I have my trust in you.

All our gift cards were taken or lost in the wreck. If you can help us with donations or gift cards for gas or food, we would be so grateful. April 18 will be here soon, and Tyler will go to Maryland for his surgery.

You can donate to help Tyler at


Tyler tucker c/o Darlene Cox
pop box 14386
Greenville, S.C. 29610

Froggin’    (f.r.o.g. – fully rely on god)

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