Hi. Couldn’t sleep so I thought I would up date Tyler’s page. He’s one amazing little boy. Still doing really good; loves chicken wings from Walmart! Don’t know how he eats them with no teeth, but he does. Tyler has gone from just about not eating to eating chicken, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, pizza and bacon sandwiches. He likes broccoli, but uncle Jeremy made him eat a lunch meat sandwich. That didn’t go over to good, but he did eat it.

Tyler is still seeing the doctors here in Greenville. They are amazed with his progress. What a trooper. Tyler is still doing really well with schooling. The home bound teacher loves him and does such a good job. Thank God for being with us through thirty nine surgeries! Tyler still has more surgery and I hate having to call the doctors and set things up again, but it must be done. These operations are horrible. You sit there wondering if your baby will come back home with you.

I want to share something with you all.

Tyler told me that in his last surgery he thinks he left his body. He said he seen a light and was going toward it. He said he saw his mama and me crying and he was trying to talk to us to let us know he was OK, but said we couldn’t hear him. He said he floated all over the room and the light was getting brighter. He said he got almost at the light and looked back at his mom and decided that he would go back in his body. He was eight and I don’t think he made this up. I only told a few people about this till now, thinking they might think I was crazy, but this is what Tyler told me and he says he remembers this. It is hard to get him to talk about this.

Please, please keep Tyler and our family in your prayers. He has so much more to go through and it will be going on all Tyler’s life. I think we have Gods blessings.

Tyler’s one-year-old brother Eathan has bronchitis. He was seen at the ER last night. Jayden, the four-year-old brother, has croup and he was also seen at the ER. Nathan is going to be three in two weeks. He’s good and getting big.

Its suppose to snow here today. How I wish warm weather would get here!

We will be going to Gores car show Sat March 13th to help raise money for Courageous Kids. They have helped us so much. If you would like to meet Tyler and some of the kids, e-mail me for directions.

I cannot get use to living out here in the woods. I hate it, George loves it. He was raised here and won’t move back, so I am stuck: either stay or divorce. He’s too good and I love him too much to divorce. There is a double-wide across the woods from us and I think Ashly, Richie and the kids may be getting to move into it. That should help to have the boys around here. Tyler doesn’t care where he’s at, as long as his mom and nanny are with him.

God bless each of you. We love you!

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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