Hello everyone,

Tyler is still doing well. He will go back to Maryland on June fourteenth for jaw surgery at seven thirty in the morning. They will be taking the packing from the jaw and removing the skin graft. Dr Rodriguez said it wouldn’t be as bad as the last surgery. They will still be cutting him once again from ear to ear. My poor little boy. I hate so much for him to go through this again, but it has to be done. The cancer, even though it’s in remission right now, really messed his little body up…caused so much damage.

Tyler will be going through this all his life. He’s such a trooper. I told him his surgery was June he said, “OK, Nanny.” Can we make mommy fly this time?

We will try to get money to fly. That’s what Tyler wants to do. Its so much easier on him that way. We will need five tickets. Will call the angel plane, but since Ashley’s going, I don’t think they will do it because of my weight. Yes, I’m fat and can’t help it. That’s not healthy.

I will call the Ronald MC Donald house and let them know we are coming June 13th, but they want let you know till the day of arrival if you will be able to stay there. That’s also stressful.


If any one wants to help our family with expenses for the trip you can donate to any south Carolina bank by giving Tyler’s name and that he lives in Greenville SC or using my email for PayPal.

A place here called the Little Rebel, and a lady name Leeann and Helen found Tyler on the web and they’re going to do a Cruise-in this Saturday to help with financing the trip. She said it may not bring in much but every little bit will help, so please pray about all this.

Please pray for Tyler and our family this is so hard on the whole family we love Tyler sooo much!!!
We love you all and thank you for all…and thank you for your love and support. If any one has any ideas for fund raisers please let us know.

Also Courageous Kids still needs help. They do so much for kids with cancer.

Please sign the guest book. Each time is another prayer for Tyty. Don’t forget to tell your children each day that you love them.


Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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