Hello everyone,

I want to tell you all that I love and appreciate you all so much. Tyler is doing well for now. He did have some pain in his legs and will be seeing the doctor about that here in Greenville. Tyler still doesn’t have any jaw pain, and is eating well, but still at nine, his weight is around 50 pounds. He’s real tall and so, so skinny. Tyler’s brother at four is 45 pounds. Nathan at three is 40 pounds.

Tyler’s surgery is coming up June 14th. We will fly to Maryland in the Angel Flight. I am getting a little worried about Tyler’s jaw being cut again, but he has the best doctor in the world. His face is looking a little side ways again, but that just might be because some of the padding must come out and they will remove the skin graft. Tyler will have a cut from one ear almost to the other.

I pray, and ask you all to pray, that he doesn’t have any out of the body experiences going on this time. I am worried because we all most lost him last surgery. But thank God and Dr. Rodriguez that he pulled through. Tyler is one strong kid. What a trooper. He’s ready to go get the surgery done. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sorry, this is the wrong poster. You can see the right one here:

There is going to be a cruise-in held for Tyler on the 15th of this month at Little Rebel here in Greer to raise a little money to help out with the trip. This wonderful lady, her son, and her grandson AJ, plus a lady Helen, are doing this for Tyler and our family so we can be with Tyler instead of worrying from far away. These people are so wonderful and love helping children when they can. We thank them all so much. Lets pray it doesn’t rain or they won’t be able to do this.

Also Tyler ask me about a friend Steven. He says he wants me to tell Steven he loves the computer. He and his teacher use it every day. He said to tell Steven thank him for caring so much about him. Tyler knows that if it wasn’t for Steven he wouldn’t have had all the birthday parties and his dog and all the other wonderful things hes done to make Tyler happy.


There’s no way to send a thank you, except on Tyler’s page. You all are gods and angels, and with out you, Tyler wouldn’t have been able to have all his surgeries and appointments. He wouldn’t have been able to make the long trips.

Jayden and Ethan are doing fine. Nathan is sick with a fever and runny nose. I am all better and loving having the boys living close.

One more thing… Jessica, Tyler’s 21-year-old cousin has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She has taken shots every other day to slow it down. Jessica has a 24-hour nurse on call for her and will have to have therapy. She is having a hard time. Please pray for her. This is Nathan’s real mom. I also raised her most her life.

Pray, pray, pray for my Jessica. I’m going to try to get some one make her a Caring Bridge page. We are having Nathan checked to be sure he wasn’t born with this.

Tyler still loves getting snail mail and loves you all for sending it to him. We love you all!

Darlene Cox

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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