Hello every one,

We are getting closer to Tyler’s surgery date. I so hate for Tyler to have to go through this again but it really has to be done. We leave the thirteenth and surgery is at the University of Maryland on the 14th. Tyler has a wonderful doctor who I know will take really good care of him. The surgery will be to take the skin graft off his neck and some of the packing must come out. We are not sure how long we will be in Maryland. As soon as Tyler is able, they will send him back to Greenville to the doctor here because of Medicaid not wanting to pay out of state. We are going to fly up to Maryland on the Angel Plane and hope to get to stay at the Ronald McDonald house, but they won’t let you know if they have a place for you till the day you are suppose to be there. Please keep us in your prayers. Tyler still has a long way to go, more surgeries to have to go through. Cancer is a monster and it destroys your whole life.

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Also we had the Cruise-In for Tyler at the Little Rebel. Didn’t know at first if we were going to because of the weather, but God kept the rain away and we were able to. The cars kept coming to show Tyler their love and support. Everything went well and we thank you all so much. God has been with us and I know He will be holding our hands as our little man goes through another surgery.

Tyler had so much fun. He was riding around in the cars waving and smiling at everyone. We all enjoyed the Cruise-In so much and want to think all the special people that did this to help Tyler and his family. Thank you Helen and staff, thank you Leann and your wonderful family. You all are Tyler’s angels sent from God. There are so many people out there that love and care what happens to Tyler we love and thank each of you. There was a family that did their own little thing for Tyler and went around and collected money to help out Tyler and our family. A great big thank you to Mr. Jeff Calvert and his wonderful family. So glad you all got to meet Tyler and the rest of his family. Once again, thank you all so much we love you all! Also thank you Mrs. Leann for our wonderful tee shirts. What a wonderful caring person you are. AJ and your Hubby are so lucky to have you .



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