Hello Everyone,

Tyler surgery date is on the 14th we will fly from Greenville on the 13th. I want to thank the wonderful people that have made this possible. Thanks to the flights of hope who will be flying us there and back. Thanks to all the people at Little Rebel who had the cruise-in in for Tyler. Thanks to a wonderful lady named Leeann and her wonderful family…you are so much appreciated. You worked so hard at the cruise-in. Leeann told everyone about Tyler and arranged the cruise-in. She has a heart and loves helping others.

Also all of you who sent cards, and to others who have done things to help, we thank you all so much. You know who you are. We appreciate all that been done. Tyler loves getting mail, so are cards are appreciated address at the bottom of page.

Tyler is doing OK. He is not scared to have the surgery because he knows it will help him. Please pray for him and pray that we won’t have to go through what we did in August. It’s so hard to watch your child go through all this not knowing when he goes in if he will be coming home with you. We have the best doctor, Dr. Rodriguez. He is wonderful and takes care of Tyler as if he were his son. Thank you Dr. Rodriguez, we love you. The world has some wonderful caring people out there.

I will be leaving Nathan with my husband. The little guy is older now and I think it will be aright. Ashley will leave Ethan and Jayden with their daddy. I hope we won’t be gone too long. I know the other kids will miss us.

Tyler has had to reconstruct his face, jaw, cheek from the damage to cancer, and he’s suffered tremendously with everything from intense pain, inability to eat, loss of structure in the face, and so much more. When things like this happen to a child, it’s not just that child that suffers. It’s the whole family. Please kiss your child and tell them you love them. You don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Think what if this were your child? All I ask is to say a prayer for these kids. God hears those prayers. Please leave us a message here at tylertucker.com or at www.caringbridge/visit/tylertucker .

One other thing…thank you Cancer Society of Greenville for the wonderful photo of Tyler. I have never seen anything so beautiful!

We love you all.

Darlene Cox

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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