Hello everyone,

Tyler saw the doctor yesterday about his jaw. They said that the skin is pulling too tight on his scar and they want Ashley to massage it. They will have to watch this closely because it can cause a lot of pain. But it hasn’t yet.

Tyler gets scans in September to make sure the monster isn’t back in his body. [I HATE CANCER!!!] He will all so have leg surgery around the end of September on both legs to remove his screws. I just pray he will be able to walk.

We are hoping to send him to school so he can be around other kids besides his brothers…and he will learn so much more. Tyler will be in third grade. I got him a few new pairs of pants and was able to find him some shirts at Wal-Mart marked down to five dollars.

Tyler is playing his Xbox again thanks to Mr. Steven and his son. They sent Tyler a box of games. We opened the box and Tyler went, “Wow just look at this!” He said, “Nanny, Steven really cares about me. He’s really a nice man.” Thank you Steven. You have always been here for Tyler. We thank God that he sent you to Tyler and our family!

Thanks everyone who has helped Tyler fight his cancer. You all are the reason he’s here. God heard your prayers. But please let’s pray Tyler stays in remission.

The Little Rebel is going to have another cruise-in for Tyler on September 18 to help us with gas and the other things Tyler needs. We have a $2,000 hospital bill in Maryland that has to be paid before Tyler can go back up there for his next surgery. Medicaid doesn’t pay everything. But thank God, it paid the most of it. Dr. Rodriguez donated his services for Tyler. He’s just amazing and such a great doctor. God has sent us so many angels!

Please say a prayer for all the cancer kids. Unless you have a child with cancer, you don’t know what these families go through each day. Even when the child’s in remission, there is just so much worry. Will it come back? Will God take our child to heaven? And like Tyler, his little body is all cut up with scars everywhere. You have to go watch him suffer with shots, being cut open, not knowing if he will pull through the next surgery. Can you imagine this little nine-year-old having 41 surgeries?

God is still with us and I have my faith. There are even kids that go through more than Tyler has. Kiss your kids each day and tell them you love them. I do. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

God bless. We love you all.




Darlene Cox

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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