Hello Everyone:

Tyler got sick last week. He said his stomach hurts and that he feels like he’s going to throw up. He also broke out with a rash all over. We thought he must have a stomach virus. He was better on Monday so he went to school. But he came home today with the rash again and he said that his stomach hurts.

He has appointment eight in the morning to see the family doctor. When you have a child that has had cancer the first thing you think is cancer. I pray not. I will let you all know what his doctor says. Tyler has to go to musc cancer clinic for a heart test on September 13th and they will also be checking his ear that had a hole in the drum to see if he can still hear. At one time he couldn’t hear out of his right ear. He has an appointment with the leg doctor September 26th to set up leg surgery and another appointment in August to check on his jaw. Tyler is eating but not gaining weight…he’s still about 59 pounds. His doctor isn’t happy about that. He looks so, so skinny and his legs are hurting him again. Their is just never an end, but we are so lucky that Tyler is doing as well as he is. God’s with him.

I want to thank Uncle Jermey for his love of Tyler, for fixing Tyler’s computer and all that he does to help Tyler.

Tyler wants to go eat hot chicken wings, so I think we will get up money to take him to do this with his brothers. I don’t no how he eats it with no teeth, but he does.

Tyler’s school is going to help with getting things he can eat so he will be able to eat at school. Thanks once again to Steven, for getting the parts to fix Tyler’s computer. He’s Tyler’s guardian angel and is always there for TyTy.

Stevens son must be so proud of his dad, o care of a child like Tyler the way he does. He’s got to be one heck of a dad to his boy. God bless you Steven.

Tyler is in third grade and growing so tall. He will be 10 years old on October 9th, and has been through so much in his short life time. He really is a trooper.

Tyler wants me to ask that you pray for him and that you sign his page. We count that as a prayer for TyTy. Thank each of you for the card and books, stickers and gifts that have been sent. Tyler loves his snail mail. Thanks to a man named Frankie and his wife Cathy. They came up with $100 and put in Tyler’s account for him. Lord we sure need it.

We have to spend so much on gas and food for the boys while at the doctors. I have a bill here for $2,000 that has to be paid before Tyler can have his next surgery. Medicaid didn’t pay that much on his hospital bill.

Not to fuss, but can you just imagine how much that surgery was for? A titanium jaw, and then to have to go back in to his jaw to remove packing, and straighten his jaw. Tyler must be a million dollar miracle boy. Forty-one surgeries is a lot for such a little boy.

They are planing a another cruise in for Tyler at the Little Rebel in Greer



****Up Date******

We just got back from the doctor. Tyler has strep that has turned in to scarlet fever. That’s what the rash is. He also has a bladder infection and some other infection that they don’t know what it is. They sent it to be cultured.

Prayers need for Tyler…his little face is swollen and red. He is very contagious and won’t be able to go to school. Please pray for Tyler, and I know our little hero will be feeling better in no time!




Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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