Hi everyone,

We finally got Tyler off to school today. He’s standing up on his leg, seems to be doing okay, but he’s still having pain. I hope it will go away when it is healed. His foot turns side ways on him when he tries to walk and his shoes hurt because he’s still swollen.

We will be taking him to the doctor here on the 24th, and then we will go to the cancer clinic in Charleston on the 27th for heart testing and scans. After that, we are going to try to get a flight to Maryland to see Dr. Rodriguez about Tyler’s jaw and more scans.[geez!] I don’t no how long we will be there. Hoping to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house for just a few days.

Then Tyler’s birthday is Oct 9th. We haven’t made any plans for that yet. When we get home, he will have to see his leg doctor again, so please keep us in your prayers. Tyler’s journey is far from being over.


What a trooper he is.

Also don’t forget about the Cruise-In on Saturday at little Rebel. The information is in the last update. Tyler would love to meet some of you folks. Please pray for good weather and that everything goes well. Thank each of you and we love you all.




Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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