Just a short update:

Tyler has been doing well the last few days he’s even been able to go to school. His teacher is wonderful, she even props his legs and feet when he hurts and she ask him all through the day if he wants to eat. She sure takes good care of Tyler. I want to thank some really wonderful people from the Howling Wolf Bar and Grill and my dear friend Cathy, her husband, and son Mathew. They are just so caring and have been raising money for Tyler, putting it in his account for his surgeries. Thank each of you, you’re awesome!

Tyler will be having one not too far off, but he will have to have lots of surgery, all in Maryland. Tyler’s journey is still so long and he will need your prayers, love and support to get through this. He’s just such a sweet little boy. May God be with Tyler and our family as we try our best to do what he needs. Tyler’s jaw is still hurting, some days worse than others. He’s just playing his games and making the best of things. Thank God, Steven got him the PlayStation and games. He smiles a lot playing the games. You all are angels that have watched over Tyler.

As far as me, I’ll be OK. Went for cultures yesterday and will go back Tuesday for more. The medication is so strong, it makes me sick and makes my back and ribs hurt, but I have to take it. However, I believe in God and I believe he’s going to heal both Tyler and me. I won’t let the devil win. Tyler is my grandbaby, I love him, and I won’t let the devil destroy him or me!

He tries but God is with us I have my faith. We will both be OK. Thank you all for all your prayers love and support. We love you all! I will update more in a week or so… not feeling so good now.




Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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