Hi every one,

Well, Tyler has had a wonderful week with little pain. He’s been able to attend school all week, and he’s still loving school. We are going to take Tyler the 27th to Charleston to Courageous Kidz Pins and Pizza party. This should put a smile on his face. This will be so much fun for him.

He’s such a sweet child and thanks you all for all your love and support. Gees, you all have just been wonderful, and I know that you are the reason that Tyler is here today, so many prayers being sent up for him…because you all cared. We have been able to get Tyler to his doctor, and get the medical help he needs and will need for a long, long time. Cancer and the after math of cancer is so hard on the children and families. Tyler has three doctors here that look after him; his leg doctor is here at MUSC of Charleston. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez in Maryland, which is so far from home. Maryland is 12 hours from Grenville SC. There are no doctors in SC that can help Tyler with his jaw, so we have to travel.

Tyler is already talking about Christmas. He’s like a little dad to Jayden. He said, “Nanny, please don’t ever let them cut Jayden like I have been cut.” Tyler has a scar from ear to ear. He has a scar from his back to his chest. He has a scar where he had a tracheotomy. One all the way from knees to ankles on both legs and he has three scars in his belly from feeding tubes. He also has a scar where his port was. It’s a small one. Now you tell me, have we got a strong trooper here or not!?! Oops, he has two scars from them grafting skin for surgery on his jaw too.

Through this, God has been so good to us. He’s placed angels here on earth to help and he’s kept our boy here on earth with his family. I know someday we all have to leave this earth, but I sure am not ready for Tyler to go. I think God has wonderful plans for this child, so please keep us all in your prayers.

Now, as far as me, I still have the e coli and I haven’t heard from the specialist yet. The doctor took more tests last week and will be calling me about them. She did say she saw some improvement in my urine, so maybe the antibiotics are taking affect. At last I hope so, I just have to be well before Tyler has any more surgery.

After Christmas, I want to get a team Tyler Tucker started and get shirts printed. I was wondering how many would be willing to buy a shirt from Tyler and be on his cancer survivor team… just thinking about this. Shirts would range between maybe $12 to $15 dollars. But we will have to give this a lot more thought and check on getting the shirts.
I would need someone to design the shirts; I sure couldn’t, any ways we will just be praying about this.

Please sign Tyler guest book and let us know that you were here.




Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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