Flash and Tyler

We went to Charleston to Pins and Pizza Party for Cancer Kids on the weekend. It was really great and Flash did a wonderful job, there were chicken wings and pizza drinks fries cake all you wanted to eat and more, and we got to spend the night motel furnished. It was Tyler’s first time bowling and he loved it. he dost get to do things like that much.

We were also treated to a wonderful breakfast before leaving to come home. Courageous Kidz is a wonderful organization and they have helped Tyler so much. Thank you Flash for loving not only Tyler but also all your kids. We were also so happy to see all the families there. These families have touched our hearts in one way or another, and all have or have had children with cancer.

Tyler has been hurting when he eats, it may be getting worse; his jaw is turning again. I have not heard from Dr. Rodriguez, but called again for him to call me. We are still seeing doctors a lot here in Greenville. Tyler goes to the endocrine doctor on the 20th (I think). Not only has his endocrine system been affected by radiation therapy (because radiation for his jaw tumors also damaged parts of his brain), but he also has weak bones, another common late effect of chemotherapy. Taking bone from another part of his body might not even work.

We can only pray and trust in the power of god and the strength of your prayers. Tyler still doesn’t want any more bones taken from him. He will end up on a feeding tube and unable to use his mouth and jaw if he doesn’t have the surgery in March. So please pray for Tyler. He still has so much suffering he has to go through.

We were told that Tyler would get his wish for Christmas…the TV. And there are some others that will also be helping with the boys for Christmas. Thank you all so much, you are surely a blessing to Tyler and his family. You know who you are thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your kindness, the boys would not have a good Christmas. You are his angels.

But most of all, let’s remember that Tyler needs your prayers. We thank God for all of you. Please take a minute and sign Tyler’s guest book here or at Caring Bridge. It means so much to our family to know you were here. And Tyler still loves all the cards. Thank you for them. It puts a smile on his face.

I want to thank God that he has put each one of you in our lives and that Tyler and his brothers have been taken care of. This has been a long journey and Tyler still has a long way to go. He cannot make it without your love and support, we love you all. The address is below if you want to send Tyler or his brothers a card.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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