Wishing for a Happy New Year for all of you. Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you all so much. You made Tyler and his brothers have such a wonderful Christmas.

Tyler loved the TV and all the other things he got. He’s a special little boy. He told me not to forget to thank everyone. Too many to mention all the names, but you know who you are, so thank you so much!

Tyler also got a DVD player. Now his room is all set up so that when he has his jaw surgery on March 27th28th, he will be able to lay in his bed, watch movies, and play his games. What a blessing! Jayden got his remote car and lots of other things. Ethan got lots of baby toys and a ride on-car.

My children all showed up and we had a wonderful dinner after saying a prayer to think God for all he provides, and for blessing us with a great Christmas. We also played Dirty Santa (Yankee Swap to some of you) and had a wonderful time. Each person brought a $10 gift for the game. So everyone got a gift had a good time.
Tyler’s angels really did a great job seeing that he was taken care of. Tyler got lots of cards and loved them.

I’m so blessed to have you all and my grandkids. Time is passing so fast. March will be here soon and Tyler will have to have his jaw surgery. Please keep praying for him. He needs those prayers. I wish he didn’t have to have this surgery but I know he must.

We will leave on March 25th surgery March 27th28th. We had snow for Christmas. Tyler went out but didn’t like it because it made his legs hurt. God bless you all. We love you ALL.

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