Hello everyone,

This will be the last update until we are in Maryland. We leave here on Sunday. I will relax and spend some special time with Tyler before he has his surgery on Tuesday the 29th…I will be with him no matter what. I told Nathan I had to go to the hospital with Tyler and would be gone a while. He looked straight at me and said, “No, no, stay here. I need you.” It breaks my heart to have to leave him. But I know he will be in good hands with George my husband and Fay the lady at the nursery who will also be helping out with Nathan. Richie, Tyler’s dad, will be keeping Tyler’s brothers Jayden and Ethan.

I just wish I could make it all better for Tyler and make it go away. I know I will be doing a lot of praying and crying because I worry so much, but God has my hand. They are taking all the metal and undoing all that has been done. They will be replacing the prior work with hipbone, so that’s going to mean a sore hip afterwards. His jaw hurts, and he is having leg pain, so he wasn’t able to go to school today.

Please pray for Tyler. This is going to be really hard on him and Ashley and myself. I know that God will be with us through this. Please everyone pray for my boy. Pray that he doesn’t have a lot of pain and that he’s not in the hospital long. I went out and got him some PJ’s today, three pairs so he would have them to wear in the Ronald McDonald House.

I had a yard sale to help with funding this trip and did really well with it. But boy, it was a job! Also, the people at Howling Wolf, have been putting money into Tyler’s account, so we will be okay. I thank them so much; they have really showed how much they care about not only Tyler, but about the whole family. There just aren’t enough words to say how much we appreciate what they have done.

Jessica, thank you for all the updating you do on Tyler’s page. You have been just wonderful, also donating when you could. Thank you so much. Thanks to everyone that has helped. There are just too many to send emails to every single one, so we will say thank you here. You all know who you are. I will try to make daily updates while Tyler is in intensive care.

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  • avatar sdaron says:

    Hi Darlene,

    I know you must be dreading next week. I am so very sorry Tyler has to go through this again.

    I will pray the surgery goes GREAT and it will be the last one he needs to go through.

    ?? Love ya!! ??
    C.O.L.E.’s Foundation
    (Caring Openly, Loving Eternally)

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