~I must apologize to all for being late on this update. Here’s what’s going on with Tyler…One of the family’s friends sent this information…Jess~

Here’s an update for all the wonderful, loving people who are praying for Tyler and his family. They got up this morning and Tyler was smiling big. He told Nanny that he was ready. He took a bath and they headed for the hospital. Before going in, he gave her and his Mom the biggest hug and told them again, he was ready. He entered the operating room with a smile.

Several hours later, someone came to update them and told them that once they got Tyler into surgery, plans changed. They did not take his hipbone as originally planned. Darlene said they would find out why once everything is over. Instead, they put in 2 metal rod stabilizers to keep Tyler’s leg straight and took some bone marrow from his leg. His leg must be straight for 6-8 weeks for healing. He cannot stand on it, go to the bathroom, or go to school. He must stay in a wheelchair for the 6-8 weeks with his leg straight out. The leg cannot be bent or it will break his femur bone and all this will have to be done again.

After putting the two metal rod stabilizers in his leg, jaw surgery would be next. They were told that bone marrow was taken from his leg to put in his jaw. They will remove all the old metal from his jaw and replace it with new metal and the bone marrow. It is going to be a long night for everyone. She estimated it may 10pm or later before they know anymore. As of right now, Tyler will not be able to ride the plane home from Maryland. His leg must be kept straight out and the plane does not have the room for this. Pray something can be done to help ease his ride home…but that won’t be for awhile.

George may have to drive from South Carolina to Maryland and pick them up in a van. We are unsure of this right now. Darlene asked everyone to add a special prayer for Ashley (Tyler’s Mom). She is having a hard time. I can’t imagine going through this and knowing there are two more children at home who need her too….ages 4 and 2. Lift her up in your prayers. That’s all I know right now. Darlene sounded positive but very tired. She picked on me once before she hung up and it made us laugh so hopefully her spirits are still up.

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