We’re home, but have got to go back to Maryland on the 27th, and then again 3 weeks from then, and then back again for surgery on Tyler’s leg. We need to know what the doctor thinks about TyTy’s future. Will his face ever be fixed or will he keep suffering? We are going to ask a lot of questions about Tyler to Dr. Rodriquez. This poor little ten year old boy is suffering way too much. Please, please keep praying for Tyler.

George said he saw Tyler’s x-rays and one side of his face is just empty little thin bone from the cheek up. There is no hinge to make his mouth work. George said he’s not a doctor but anyone would be able to tell something’s really wrong. Now Tyler face is looking flat on one side and he is drooling really badly. He cannot walk because of the broken leg mom having to do everything for him. Thanks to all that have helped, there are too many to send each one, but we thank you so much.

We love you all. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Tyler. He’s so skinny and this really worries me. He may have to have a feeding tube. We will have to ask the doctor about this. Each of you that have helped, please know the money is used for Tyler and his care. Know that you have helped us so much from cards to gifts to money to other kinds of help. I also wanted to let you know that Tyler has never collected a lot of money. It’s just enough to keep Tyler getting to his doctors. We need it and God knows!

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