Well, it looks like Tyler’s not going to get a break. He will be seeing a doctor here in Greenville today.

Tyler has something that looks like bone or tooth coming out of his mouth. The trouble is that he doesn’t have bone or teeth there to be coming out. It has to be something that was put there in surgery.

This isn’t good. Tyler says it hurts. Then Ethan threw a can of shaving cream and hit Tyler’s leg on the surgery site. This was two days ago it’s still hurting, so we will have to go get x-rays. I’m hoping the doctor says it’s okay to wait until Thursday the 5th to take him back to Maryland so we can fly with the Children’s Flight of Hope. If not, we may be driving to Maryland.

Please say a prayer for Tyler and me. I have a granddaughter and daughter that I am trying to look after. Granddaughter, age 21 has MS and many other issues. My daughter is in the hospital. They have no one but me.

I keep my faith and know that you all are praying for us. I know God doesn’t put more on you than you can stand, and I am holding up pretty well. I don’t understand why Tyler has to go throw all that he has. It’s just so sad for such a sweet little boy to have to be in pain and hurt.

We received a copy of Tyler hospital bill. It was $49,600! We are hoping Medicaid will pay most of it. We will have to pay what Medicaid doesn’t so Tyler can be treated at the university hospital. Dr. Rodriguez donates his part. Gosh, what a wonderful man this is!

The Little Rebel is going to try to do a Cruise In again to help Tyler on the 21st to try help out with expenses. Please Lord, no rain on that day or they won’t be able to do this. Every penny counts.

Anyone wanting to help can donate to pay pal or on this page using donation button. We truly believe in miracles and I know God has one for my Tyler.
Tyler enjoys all the cards, and opening the small gifts that are mailed to him, he tells me to thank everyone.

One more thing: Ashley, Tyler’s mom. She’s such a super mom. She picks that boy up and carries him to the bathroom and tub and anywhere he needs to be. She has bruises from the wheel chair. Tyler weighs about sixty pounds. She never complains. Ashley also has the care of the other two kids. I help all I can.

Please know how much you all are appreciated. Thank you Jessica for keeping Tyler’s web page up to date. No one would know how Tyler is without you.

I still feel so blessed. I have a home, a wonderful husband, raising a wonderful grandson [Nathan] and have wonderful people that love and care about us. And I have my best friend Cathy and Flash to call and talk to whenever I need a shoulder to cry on. Thanks, you two for always being here for me.

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