Hey Everyone,

Tyler is doing a little better.

He has not had a lot of pain in the last week. Tyler has started walking with his walker. He can walk without it, but the doctor doesn’t want him to. Tyler is such a strong little boy. What a trooper! He sits and plays his games and never complains. How I wish he could run and play with his brothers.

Tyler is going to have therapy sessions. He also has appointment for x-rays next week on his leg and jaw. Tyler will go back to Maryland on August 11th to see Dr. Rodriguez. We will then talk to the doctor about using Ashley’s fibula to put in Tyler’s jaw. How I wish that they could use mine. I am old and have lived my life, so I would do it if I could…but it will not work.

Tyler has scars all over his little body. I don’t understand why these jaw replacement just won’t work for Tyler. It’s still hard for him to eat, and he chokes. Tyler has started eating cube steak. It has to be cut in tiny pieces, but he’s eating it. He still loves pizza and spaghetti.

Someone ask why we keep having the surgeries after they fail. We are hoping that one will work. We don’t want to see Tyler on a feeding tube and possibly die because he cannot eat. The jaw replacement gives him a temporary fix. Maybe one day they will be able to help Tyler?

I know God has something special in mind for my boy. Tyler has been through 45 surgeries, and I have to write it down to keep up. Tyler has a long way to go and he has done a lot of suffering. We thank God for the good days. Please keep praying for Tyler!

You all have been wonderful and we thank each owe of you. Thanks to everyone. The cards and all the other things have made a difference in Tyler’s life. Thanks to everyone that has donated money to help. Tyler has to have most of his medical treatment in Maryland, 600 miles from home. He does see doctors here, but just to look at his jaw and leg to make sure he’s okay, and for x-rays. Without all your help, Tyler couldn’t get to Maryland for his surgeries and treatment.

A special thank you to the children’s flight of hope. You all have been wonderful. Thank you Steven also. You have put so many smiles on Tyler’s face. Tyler had asked me for a pool, but I knew I couldn’t get one for him. Well, Steven stepped in and said let’s get the boy a pool so he will have some summer fun. He deserves it. Steven then called Wal-Mart and paid for Tyler to have a 16 x 48 swimming pool. It will be here on the 24th. Steven has done so much to keep Tyler smiling and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Steven’s son must be so proud of him. He has an awesome daddy. Steven loves and cares so much for this little boy he’s never meet.

Tyler’s cruise-in this Saturday at Little Rebel, Taylor, SC from 5 until 9. Please pray for a good turnout. Thanks to Helen, Leeann and every one that is helping arrange this. God bless you all. Pray for no rain! I also want to once again thank Jessica. She always does the update on Tyler’s page. She takes her time and puts other things on the bottom of her list so she can do this for Tyler. She has never met Tyler, but she like many others, fell in love with this little boy that needs you all so much.

Tyler passed his grade and will be in fourth grade next year. Tiggerville School has also been good to Tyler and his family. Tyler had school pictures with his class, and I will be posting them when we get them.

Also, there’s a new web site…please go visit. It was made by April and Christian Lorey. Take a look and leave a comment. They have been praying for Tyler for years. The site is called Songs for Cancer Kids. Please keep praying. Tyler has so much more to go through. We love you all!

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)



Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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