Hi everyone.

It’s three in the morning as I sit here typing this… cannot sleep.

Tyler’s mom and Grandpa George will fly to Maryland today. I have doctors’ appointments that are very important that I must keep. So I cannot go with Tyler this time. It is supposed to be to set up surgery, but I think he will have to go ahead and do surgery on Tyler’s ear. I’m not sure what he will do. It hurts me so much that I cannot go with Tyler right now. The metal has come through Tyler’s ear. He is having headaches and pain.

Tyler is on pain medication that makes him hi par. He is ready to go he wants his jaw ear and head to stop hurting, I know that Dr. Rodriguez will do what he must to help Tyler. Tyler’s pain in his leg is slowed down for now thank god. He still has to get the rods taken from his leg. Then the next surgery will be taken moms bone from her leg and placing in Tyler’s jaw, so please pray for my boy.

Thanks to ginger McCoy and her daughter Tabitha for the game that Tabitha brought to Tyler. We really enjoyed the visit. Tabitha’s son Riley passed away three years ago with cancer. I cannot imagine the pain they suffered and still suffer because of the death of their child.

Thank everyone out there that is trying to help save Tyler. We pray and thank God that he has sent each of you into Tyler’s life. Everyone out there that has a cancer child in remission or still in treatment knows how hard this is on both the child and family. I haven’t been able to go with Tyler the last two times for personal reasons and it breaks my heart.

Can you believe that Tyler has had 45 surgeries and going to have three more this year? It’s the only way to save Tyler. And yes, he has a life. He’s with a family that loves him more than anything and that would do anything to save this sweet little 10 year old. And yes, I get on here and ask for help. We couldn’t do it without your help and Tyler wouldn’t be here because he could not get to the treatments he needs so much. But as I said in the past, I would cut off my arm if it would help my boy.

Also just a reminder any donations made on caring bridge site goes to them, not Tyler. If you would like to donate to Tyler please use the donation button here or go to pay pal,

Please, please pray for Tyler, can you imagine if this was you child? You would be doing the same thing I’m sure.

God bless we love you all.

Froggin’ (f.R.O.G. fully rely on god)



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