Okay, I’m going to do my best to explain what’s going on with Tyler. Dr. Rodriguez doesn’t want to take the metal out of Tyler’s jaw yet. He has changed his mind, and says he might do more damage than good. He said he wants to put Tyler on stronger pain medication (and two different kinds). He wants to do both surgeries at one time. He said the metal is sticking through Tyler’s ear, causing him pain and making him deaf in that ear. However, he thinks it may harm Tyler to do two surgeries, so he wants to contact Medicaid and get Ashley’s Medicaid to approved paying the University of Maryland.

The hospital won’t let him do the surgery there if Medicaid doesn’t approve payment. He said he has to do lots of tests on Ashley and this will take a little time. He said his secretary will call with appointments and that he wants to do the surgery first of September, taking Ashley’s bone for Tyler’s jaw. And removing the titanium jaw at the same time. He does his part free, but the hospital has to be paid. He also wants Tyler home bound again for school. I hate for Tyler to be dragged around all the time…I wish they could get his jaw fixed. They can fix a man’s face, but cannot fix Tyler’s jaw. I am so upset that it’s a month away. I wish I had money. I bet I could get help for Tyler then.

I want to think every one that has sent Tyler gifts and games. He will use them to keep him happy until his surgery. I cannot believe the way you are told one thing and its changed. Please pray for Tyler. This is so stressful. The doctor told Ashley to get prepared and that we have a month. Gees, I sure hope Medicaid will approve this. We don’t have many options left. God bless. We love and thank you all.

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