Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying that Tyler is still having jaw and leg pain. He’s still taking pain medication and still waiting for appointments to be scheduled in Maryland. We did get an email saying that they were trying to get Medicaid to pay in Maryland on Ashley so she can give her leg bone to her son. What a great mom.

They said that they are getting an appointment for Ashley and Tyler to come to Maryland and have tests done to be sure she’s a match. Dr. Rodriguez said that almost all the time the mother is a match. Believe me, I would give him my bone if it was a match. The hospital has to have the Medicaid. Our wonderful Dr. Rodriguez will do his part free. I am going to try get a small room or extended stay if we can, so we can take Jayden and Ethan along.

Nathan and George Richie and I will take turns between sitting with the kids and going to the hospital. I would be sitting in Maryland, worried to death about our babies, if I have to leave them here. I need to know they are taken care of. And our family just doesn’t want to babysit. They all say they are working. And I cannot leave them with strangers. We will be in Maryland a while this time…going to stay until it’s safe to bring both Tyler and Ashley back home.

Please pray that we can find a cheap place in Maryland. I don’t think we can all stay at the Ronald MC Donald house, but I am going to check on it also. Please say a prayer for us all. We have some tough things coming up. Ashley said this was 47 surgeries for Tyler. I thought it would be 46. I guess his mom knows. This is really hard on everyone. We have already been to Maryland six times this year for three jaw surgeries. Please have it in your heart to help Tyler if you can afford to.

Even a dollar will help. So many out there have loved and helped Tyler. You have helped me keep Tyler with us and have kept him knowing that he is so loved.  God has heard our prayers. This is sooo stress full, both financially and emotional.

Tyler has been able to play in his pool lately. Otherwise, he’s just sitting around in the house. We have a little Branch around here and George and Richie have been taking the boys down there to play. We had Tyler’s benefit sale and made a little money to help pay the balance at the hospital, but not enough. The sale did well and we had a lot of people come out. They came and prayed with us.

I will post another update soon as I here from Dr. Rodriguez’s office.

I mailed a letter to our Governor, Nickie Haily, about Tyler and the Greenville Braves. I’m hoping they can come up with a benefit to help Tyler and our family. I sent one to 7 News also, but have not heard anything.  Through all this, I have kept my faith and God has provided our needs…because all of you and Tyler’s Doctor’s care and love Tyler so much. God bless, we love you all. PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE.

Please also pray for Tyler’s little friend, Ethan Josted. I had posted his link earlier. Ethan’s not going to make it. He’s going soon to stay in heaven. Please pray for his family as they sit and wait for Ethan to pass. I haven’t told Tyler that Ethan had the same cancer that he had. We have watched Tyler on his deathbed so many times, but you all prayed and God heard you.

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