Hi everyone. Still waiting on the doctors to get things together for Tyler and moms surgery. This at first was a really good week, after getting more pain medication last week for Tyler. Yesterday was the first day of school and Tyler was able to go with his brother Jayden and cousin Nathan. He was able to stay all day. Then at supper time, Tyler was trying his best to eat. Well, he choked and Ashley really got a scare. He would have choked to death if mom Ashley hadn’t known what to do. Tyler was really scared and was crying. I wonder what may have happened if he had been at school when this happened. Geez, how awful this was. But he’s okay, thank you lord Jesus. It makes me think he’s getting worse. Dr. Rodriguez’s office is trying to get all the plans worked out for Tyler’s surgery because this time both Ashley and Tyler will be in the hospital. We are still asking for donations if anyone is able to help. Donate through pay pal using my email or own tylertucker.Com

Tyler’s dad is still home with them. He lost his job and hasn’t been able to find one. He lives seven miles from anywhere and has no transportation. This far out and no car is bad, and there are no busses running through here, makes it worse. I have to use my car to get appointments and groceries for them. Tyler’s brother is in 5k, was smiles all day he was so excited to go to school. Nathan in k4 did not want to go and screamed all the way down the hall. I wanted to cry for him but didn’t.

We’re thinking about Tyler’s birthday coming up on October the ninth. I want to give him a party before he has his surgery if I can get some help with it, maybe at Chucky Cheese or Getti Town or a chicken wing feast at Little Rebel. We would have to chop things up for Tyler. I hope to be able to make this special for Tyler and his mom. Not sure about this or where the money will come from for this. Tyler asked for an iPad so he can take it to the hospital, but the cheapest one at Wal-Mart is $200.00. We cannot afford this. I know I have asked for a lot on here, but it has helped Tyler and his family so much and we are so grateful to all Tyler’s angels out there.

Our journey is far from being over. It soon will be time for scans at MUSC in Charlton. Tyler still has appointments in Greenville for doctors to watch his jaw, even though they cannot help him in Greenville. Tyler still has to have the rods taken from his leg that was broken in the last surgery. We love you all, and I will update more soon as we know something.

One more thing: A wonderful lady wrote a letter to the Greenville braves trying to get them to do a benefit for Tyler. We haven’t heard from them. Also wrote to the governor of South Carolina Nicki Hailey but haven’t gotten any answers. Going to try calling them. Tyler has suffered for a long time. How much more can his little body stand? He’s so sweet and never complainers even though he knows he may not make it through any of these surgeries. But with my faith and all your prayers Tyler will be ok. I pray and thank God each day Tyler is with us, his little friend Ethan earned his wings and went to heaven.

Froggin’ (f.R.O.G. ?? fully rely on God)



Tyler tucker c/o darlene cox
Po box 14386
Greenville, sc 29610

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