Dr. Rodriguez called and said he just got some tests back on Ashley and that he can use her fibula for Tyler’s jaw, except that he will have to drain all the blood from Tyler and separate the plasma from it, then put it back in Tyler. This will make Tyler really sick and weak, so he’s afraid to try it now. Dr. Rodriguez want Tyler’s dad to donate his fibula. We will be taking Richie up for all the testing this Wednesday and will be in Maryland… four days total trip. Richie’s blood type is the same as Tyler’s, and will work, but Richie is scared of being put to sleep. He’s going to do this, or I will never forgive him.

Most dads would give their lives for their sons, and I really think Richie loves Tyler enough to do this. This makes more things to be worried about.  We’ll need baby sitters for the boys because Dr. Rodriguez said he wants Ashley there with Tyler and me there with Ashley. That leaves Papa George and three little boys. Papa had a stroke years ago and I don’t know if he can handle all the boys. Gees, what next? I know in my heart that it will all work out. Tyler’s surgery is still Nov-28th. I sure wish they would take my fibula. I would gladly give Tyler both legs if I could.

It looks like I may have to have all the kids there at Ronald McDonald House. At least I can check on them if they are with us. This is not the final decision. Maybe something else will come up. I am praying.

I also want to thank Johnson and Johnson for their generous donation, and  Toothdr2898. So many nice things have been done for Tyler and our family. No matter how large or small the help, we are so grateful for it.

Tyler loves the snail mail, and every bit of money sent is in his account for his medical needs, which get larger with each trip. You can help us out with donations, and prayers for this sweet 11-year-old boy. We are running out of options.  Know that you are helping to keep Tyler alive. God is with us and I will keep my faith and trust in Him.


I am hoping to get everything here ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas before we leave to go to Maryland on the 27th of November for this long six to eight weeks at the university of Maryland. Tyler’s grandpa Lynn will be watching out for my dogs and making sure things are okay here at home.

Once again, please let your kids know every day that you love them, and know that we love and appreciate you all so much. Say a prayer for me. I need it.

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