Hello everyone. We leave Friday for Baltimore Maryland and Ronald MC Donald house. Tyler’s surgery is Monday. This surgery is life threatening. Please, please get a prayer chain started for Tyler, his dad and our family. They will be in the operating room at six in the morning next Monday. Please post everywhere you can.

I cannot help it; I’m scared. I have cried all week and prayed so hard for my boy. I’m not even the one having this surgery. I hope all is good with our flight with children flight of hope. I haven’t heard back from them but will be calling to check on things today. Richie, Tyler’s dad, is so scared, but he will be okay. He just hasn’t had surgery before, so I understand that he’s scared.

I asked Tyler how he felt about the surgery. He told me that he wants to have it done; that he’s tired of having pain and pain medication all the time. He also told me not to worry; that he was going to be okay. He said that he knows all about heaven.

I never will forget when I took him to church one day years ago, he was sick laying his head on my lap. He looked up at me and said, “Nanny, what is this place?” I told him it was God’s house. He replied, “Oh Nanny, that’s the man that holds your hand when I’m in the hospital,” and he gave me a kiss and hug. Tyler’s a strong eleven-year-old little boy. He has had 46 surgeries and this will be 47 surgeries. The Greenville newspaper will do an update as soon as surgery’s over and I call them with the update

Please, please ask God to let TyTy pull through this surgery. Ask God to help us financially, with all the stress that goes along with it. Ask him to help us make the right decisions and to watch after all our love ones left here at home. I know God hears your prayers, so please spread the word to all your friends to pray for Tyler and our family. Pray for Dr. Rodriguez and his team and all the other teams involved in Tyler’s surgery.

I took Tyler to the Little Rebel to get chicken wings. He sat there about an hour and didn’t get but four to eat, but he enjoyed them. Helen the owner told him she was praying for him and sent extra order home with him. Yesterday, his uncle Jeremy got pizza for the boys. Tyler won’t be able to eat for a long time. He will be in Maryland six to eight weeks.

Thank you to Ron banks for the food card, and Tigerville School. This will help. Eight weeks will be a long time away from home. If anyone wants to help donation can be made at tylertucker.com. Donation button, or pay pal using or even taken to sun trust bank in South Carolina and give my name Darlene cox for Tyler Tucker Greenville SC. Please help us if you can even give gift cards for McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway or Wal-Mart would be good so we can buy groceries.

Most important is prayer.

Also, Tyler’s 16-year-old buddy Dylan Kerby is going to be in the hospital to have jaw surgery from cancer. he will be in Charleston at MUSC Dec 3rd. Please say a prayer for Dylan. He almost died in the summer from having a surgery. He needs your prayers also.


My TyTy has been fighting his whole life. I hate cancer. Even though it’s in remission, it has caused so much suffering and pain. Cancer destroyed Tyler’s little body. The child suffers, so does the family. I pray for every family out there that has or has had a child with cancer. You just don’t know what they go through, both child and family.

FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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