Hi every one. It’s only three weeks until March 25, when we leave for Maryland to have surgery on the 26th. My Tyler has to have another jaw replacement. I am so worried about him. The surgery that was done November has failed, so Dr. Rodriguez’s has a company building Tyler a new jaw, just for him.

He still cannot have the bone transplant from his father. Tyler has to catch the Epstein Barr virus first. It is a very common virus that almost everyone has. He just hasn’t caught it yet. He has to have it before the surgery because his dad is positive for this virus. If he doesn’t have it and his dad does, it can make him very sick. Also, if he has it, there is a lower chance of catching a type of cancer that the anti-rejection meds can cause. The doctors have tried everything. He has had blood transfusions but Tyler still hasn’t caught the virus.

Please pray for us. We need your donations for the trip. The doctors said we would be in Maryland two to three weeks. Your donations get Tyler to Maryland and pay for the medical help he needs. Our funds are really low, so please help us if you can. Thank God there are people that care. Thank you Mr. Banks for your donation. You are surely one of Tyler’s angels

Medicaid will pay for medication while Tyler is in the hospital, but it will not pay for Tyler’s medication in Maryland, when he’s sent over to RMD House.

Many of you have ask about my daughter tammy. She’s home and doing well, but she has a lot of therapy. I have to stay with her a lot. We just thank God she’s going to be ok. God hears our prayers

I want to ask that you say a prayer for me as well. I have had two EKGs and both said that I had something wrong. So tomorrow at 7, I will have four to seven hours of testing. Please pray about this. I have been feeling fine but had some pain in my left arm and leg. I have no insurance and am not old enough for Medicare, and don’t qualify for Medicaid.

I am taking two hundred dollars to them and will have to just make payments and pray I don’t need surgery. I applied for hospital sponsor ship but that didn’t go through. God, I sure hope I will be able to go with Tyler for his surgery.

I need your prayers. This is so depressing, both mental and financial thank you all for loving Tyler and me and helping us. We love you all. I just wish I could make all this go away.

— froggin’ (f.r.o.g. – fully rely on god) for Tyler

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO Box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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