Well it’s only a week next Monday that Tyler will be having his jaw replaced again. In all this will be 49 surgeries for Tyler. He doesn’t seem to worry about the surgery he said, “Don’t worry nanny. I am use to it.”

Tyler is so grateful for everything that has been donated to him. It has helped him cope with everything. Thank you to all Tyler’s angels, you know who you are. You have surely helped to keep Tyler here on earth with us. I know that without all the love and support you all have showed, Tyler would not be here, because there’s no way we could have gotten him to Maryland for all the surgeries and medical attention he needs. There’s a lot that his Medicaid just won’t pay for. And that’s a shame.

We will be leaving for Baltimore, Maryland on the 25th. Please pray he will be okay and not suffer too much. Gosh, I wish they could get his blood to get the virus he needs so he can get the bone transplant from his dad. He was tested here, but no such luck. So now, he will have to get the new jaw that was made and donated.

We will have to still wait on the bone transplant. I don’t know what the plans are, but Dr. Rodrigues Is planning something else to help Tyler in June or July. Please pray they will find a cure for Tyler’s jaw and leg. I love him so much. I wish I Could take all the pain away.

Tyler is still hurting in both his jaw and both legs. He has had to go to ER twice in two weeks. All they can do is call Dr. Rodrigues and give him pain medication. He’s the best kid you ever saw, and always wants something for his brothers if he gets something. I got him a flash light and he asked that I get one for his brothers and Nathan.

He’s eating a few different things His mom got him to eat sweet corn bread and still loves the chicken wings. Has to be watched because he chokes on them.

If anyone wants to Help Tyler and his family, you can donate at tylertucker.Com. Or mail a check or just send Tyler a card. He loves the cards, and it makes him know how much he’s loved. You can also use the donation button or my pay pal account at , or mail to us. If your church or anyone would want to do a benefit for Tyler, that would be wonderful. Gift cards are also welcome.

Tyler will be having surgeries the rest of his life, but we will get a break if he ever gets the virus and it works. Dr. Rodrigues is hoping that he will have at least a year or two break from all this.

Also, I won’t go into details, but I am fine. Feeling good and have lost 100 pounds. Nathan’s birthday was a great success, thanks to his daddy David for stepping in and helping pay for it. Please please pray for our family. This is so stressful both mentally and financially.

Kiss your kids and let them know you love them. What if this was your family? You sure don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We love you all.

— Froggin’    (F.R.O.G. – fully rely on god)




Tyler tucker c/o Darlene Cox

PO Box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

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