Tyler’s jaw replacement surgery is this morning (6 am). Please say a prayer for him. They are also trying to fix a vein that has problems because of the November surgery. Dr. Rodruguez said he doesn’t know if that can be fixed.

This will be a long surgery, more than eight hours. Please pray for us. I know God will hear your prayers. It also helps a lot if you post your prayers on Facebook for us. Please pass this to all the people you know and ask them to Pray for TyTy and our family.

We thank everyone that has helped us with the trip. There just aren’t enough words to say how grateful we are. You all have been wonderful. We love you all!

All donations are spent on trips and travel and medication that Medicaid won’t pay for. We will miss the little ones left at home, but they will be better off at home with Daddy. I hope we won’t have to stay too long, but it depends on how our TyTy does. This is a major surgery.

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