Hey, it’s Tuesday March 27th .Tyler is in intensive care with a breathing tube. He’s doing well, and the tube will come out today, we hope.

We need your prayers and are so grateful to all of Tyler’s angels

He had a temporary jaw put in, and they had cut a vein in last surgery and had to cut his leg again to get replacement vein for the jaw. His temporary jaw looks good, but he is facing more surgery in June or July.

Please say a prayer for Tyler. If you can help with donation, please take the time to do it. You can donate here at tylertucker.com with the donation button. Even a dollar will help. Tyler does not get the donations made CaringBridge because it goes to keep the site pages running .Tyler loves cards, and would love to hear from you. Tyler wants an iTunes card, but we have no way to go get one, so if any one wants to send this to him, you can send to the Baltimore Ronald House, Tyler Tucker, Room 314.

We will be at the RMD House when we leave the hospital (not sure just yet when that will be). Dr. Rodrigues and his team are wonderful, and show their love for me and Tyler every time we see them. Tyler is a trooper, and I am so proud of him.

I also wanted you all to know I lost one hundred pounds. Now I can travel with my TyTy. Gosh, I love him so much, he’s my hero! And I will never give up on Tyler. Never will I let the devil win this battle. Tyler WILL beat this.

Once again, thank you to all Tyler’s angels out there!

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