Thanks to all of Tyler’s angel out there. we love you all and thank the lord you all love Tyler. I know god has sent you all to Tyler and our family!

We are still at the hospital and will most likely leave here in a day or so, but will have to stay in Maryland at the RMD House with Tyler. We still could use donations to help Tyler and our family.

And we have lots of trips once we get home. We’ll have to go to the doctors, thirty miles each trip… and then there are the other kids who have to go along. They get hungry before they get back home. Some of Tyler’s medications will have to be paid for while we are here in Maryland. His Medicaid won’t pay for it while in Maryland unless he’s in the hospital

Just letting you all know that all donations are used for Tyler’s medical needs. If you know some that will have a benefit for Tyler that would be great (maybe your church?).

Please sign Tyler’s guest book and let us know you are here praying for Tyler!

Also, Tyler’s isn’t alone. He has a friend, 16 year-old Dylan is having jaw surgery on the 4th in Charleston at MUSC. Say a prayer for Dylan.

Tyler will be having more surgery here in Maryland in a few more months, so keep him in your prayers. Dr. Rodriguez said that one day he will find a bone that will grow in Tyler’s jaw. He said, “I will never give up till Tyler is completely healed and well.

Tyler is doing really well, and they are keeping him out of pain. Please, in your prayers, pray for Tyler’s wonderfully doctors and his team. Thank god for sending these wonderful doctors to us. We truly love you all!

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