Hi, all Tyler’s angels out there.

Tyler is doing better with each passing day. He’s such a strong little boy. His jaw is a bit swollen this morning, but that was expected.

We are at the Ronald McDonald House, Baltimore Maryland. Tyler will see the doctor again today. Things look good. Shame it is just temporary. I pray that the next surgery in June or July will work. He needs a few years break.

Tyler won’t be able to go to Carol Winds with Courageous Kids. Can’t take the chance of him getting bumped or falling. He was really hoping to go this year.

I know you all love Tyler and are his angels. just know that God placed you in Tyler’s life, and we thank Him for each one of you. If you have time, drop Tyler a card at his post office box:

Tyler Tucker

PO Box 14386

Greenville SC 29611

He would really enjoy getting some cards. We have to be back in Maryland April 19.

Steven, thank you for getting the movies for the iPad.  Tyler is really enjoying them because he can’t do much right now. Mr. Banks, thank you so much for all the help with our trip

Thanks to everyone that has helped us, you know who you are. we are so grateful, there just aren’t enough words to say how grateful we are. I am saying thank you here to everyone. May God send you many blessings. There are so many that help. Like Jessica that keeps up with TylerTucker.com. She’s been such a blessing.

 I also wanted to say that we have already made five trips to Maryland this year. Gees, I know God is using Tyler, so that other kids can be helped and the doctors can save other children by just what they have learned helping Tyler.

The doctors in Charleston tried to get us to give up on Tyler. But by now, you all know that that will never happen as long as I am alive. Dr. Rodrigues said that he would never give up on Tyler the way SC did. He said that he would keep doing temporary jaws until he finds one that will grow in Tyler’s jaw.

He also hugged me and said that he was so proud of me for losing the hundred pounds. I did this not just for me and health reasons, but so I will be around to finish Tyler’s journey with him.

The main thing in my life is my faith. I know God is holding my hand all the way. We have been on this journey almost ten years. We have been through some horrible things. I pray that none of you have to ever have a child go through what Tyler has…or his family.

Ashley cries each surgery, but knows we have to let Tyler have the surgery. Please tell your kids you love them each day, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

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