The doctors have looked at Tyler’s jaw . It has to be taken completely out and they don’t know if it can be put back in. They said that that they may have to leave Tyler without a jaw and that they may have to wire his mouth shut.

They said they don’t know what else to do. They will try to use the  jaw over, but they don’t think that they can. I have been crying so hard. I asked them to please use something from me, but they said they can’t. The doctors said that the jaw has had so many surgeries that they might have to just leave Tyler without a jaw.

Please, please pray for Tyler. This is so hard. I just cannot stop crying. I am so upset. They have said they expect Tyler to be in hospital a week and Ronald McDonald House a week . We are going to send Papa and Nathan home this weekend and pray we can get a flight back home later.

Tyler  has two bacterial infections growing…bad ones. One of them can cause a flesh-eating virus. A line will be put in soon so he can get strong medication. He’s doing well dealing with all this and was sitting up with his iPad last night.

Once again, pray, pray, pray. Please.

Maybe things will change. Miracles do happen.

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