Friday, April 13, 2012 10:17 AM, CDT

Lots of things going on at Ronald McDonald house this weekend. They are having their 5K run, and thousands of people will be here. Our Tyler has to stay in his room because he is sick with bacteria, and medications and Mercia, he will be watching from the window

Prayers that will be ok we will be with Tyler. We will be attending the run in honor of our Brave little love, Tyler.

Friday, April 13, 2012 8:34 AM, CDT

Thank god for Tyler’s angels! Good morning we have Tyler at the RMD house. Ashley’s been up all night giving Tyler the meds he needs. The nurse came out and we were sent big boxes of medication and IV pole Meds which need refrigerated, and ours isn’t working so we had to get another one. Medication was donated our Medicaid wouldn’t pay for them in Maryland so we are thanking god that the co in Greenville donated it to Tyler for the time we are in Maryland. Tyler doing ok hoping the medication will work and stop the bacteria from growing. Please keep praying all this and Tyler’s not complained one time. We are still going to be here a while, and if Tyler’s fever goes to 101 he has to be put back in the hospital.

George, Ashley, Nathan, and I are doing just fine. Thanking god each day that people care
Please take a min. and sign Tyler’s page so we will know you are here praying for tyty.

Kiss your kids and be sure to tell them you love them Every day, and thank god if your child is healthy. Having experience in the matter our family can tell you 1st hand that having a sick child can be the most difficult thing to ever deal with in life.

Please continue to Pray for Tyler for a 100% Recovery We love you all!

Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:39 AM, CDT

Just letting you all know that Tyler is doing OK. He’s still in hospital but getting ready to be sent to Ronald McDonald house for a week or more. They cannot find a company that will take his Medicaid for his pole and pump and all the medication he needs for it. He will have this for two months or more, whenever we do get to go back home. Tyler will have to come back to Maryland soon for more surgery, and he will have to continue to for the rest of his life. He will need to go in to hospital early so they can find blood that will work from blood bank. He will also have go to Maryland every month for a while (currently).
Thank you all for the prayers and donations . Thank god for Tyler’s angels out there. and if you have it in your heart to help Tyler and his family You can donate at my paypal by sending via payapl to or going to and clicking the donate button. You can also mail Tyler tucker at PO Box 14386 Greenville, Sc 29690 God bless we love you all Darlene cox, Tyler tucker’s Grandmother.

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